Sony patents granted on 26 February 2013

82 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 8,387,151 Content data managing apparatus, content data managing method, and content data managing program
2 8,387,113 Communication system, authentication method, information processing device, information processing method, and battery
3 8,387,096 Web-based personal video recorder (PVR)-type subscription service
4 8,387,008 Method for sharing a function between web contents
5 8,386,950 Methods, systems and computer program products for arranging a plurality of icons on a touch sensitive display
6 8,386,938 Display control device, method, and program
7 8,386,934 Information presenting apparatus, information presenting method, and computer program
8 8,386,925 Information processing terminal device, information processing device, information processing method, and program
9 8,386,817 Information processing unit, power-saving management program, and storage medium stored with the power-saving management program
10 8,386,713 Memory apparatus, memory control method, and program
11 8,386,581 Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method
12 8,386,579 Bit selection circuit in an image or communication processing apparatus that arbitrarily selects continous bits
13 8,386,496 System and method for effectively implementing a personal channel for interactive television
14 8,386,458 Mobile terminal device and computer program
15 8,386,299 System and method for dynamically pricing electronic advertisements
16 8,386,213 Device, method and computer program for simulation of collision events between physical objects
17 8,386,165 Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system
18 8,385,894 Information delivery system for sending reminder times bases on event and travel times
19 8,385,885 Method of unlocking a mobile electronic device
20 8,385,865 Evolved EDGE receiver
21 8,385,736 Imaging apparatus
22 8,385,717 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and program that stores reproduction-stop position information
23 8,385,673 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
24 8,385,646 Image processing
25 8,385,645 Object detecting device, imaging apparatus, object detecting method, and program
26 8,385,607 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer program
27 8,385,606 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
28 8,385,602 Image processing device method, program, and recording medium for improving detection precision of a motion vector
29 8,385,480 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
30 8,385,423 Motion vector detecting device, motion vector detecting method, image encoding device, and program
31 8,385,396 Waveform equalizer and method for controlling the same, as well as receiving apparatus and method for controlling the same
32 8,385,381 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
33 8,385,371 Frame synchronizer, frame synchronization method and demodulator
34 8,385,365 Communication system, communication apparatus, and packet length control method
35 8,385,265 Wireless communication device, wireless communication system and wireless communication method
36 8,385,209 Network communication apparatus
37 8,385,203 Resending control circuit, sending device, resending control method and resending control program
38 8,385,176 Read-only optical disc and method of manufacturing a read-only optical disc
39 8,385,045 Variable capacitor, control method thereof, electronic device and communication mobile device
40 8,384,829 Display apparatus and display apparatus driving method
41 8,384,828 Video display device, video display method and system
42 8,384,817 Solid-state imager, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
43 8,384,816 Electronic apparatus, display control method, and program
44 8,384,809 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
45 8,384,808 Imaging apparatus
46 8,384,805 Image processing device, method, and computer-readable medium for executing pixel value correction in a synthesized image
47 8,384,792 Imaging apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
48 8,384,791 Video camera for face detection
49 8,384,765 Transmitter, receiver, signal transmission system, and signal transmission method
50 8,384,744 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
51 8,384,741 Numerical-simulation-result display program, numerical-simulation-result display method, and numerical-simulation-result display system
52 8,384,721 System and method for video choreography
53 8,384,718 System and method for navigating a 3D graphical user interface
54 8,384,702 Semiconductor device, display panel and electronic apparatus
55 8,384,672 Remote control system having a touch screen
56 8,384,627 Display device and electronic equipment
57 8,384,626 EL display panel module, EL display panel, integrated circuit device, electronic apparatus and driving controlling method
58 8,384,611 Antenna device, antenna reflector, and wireless communication unit incorporating antenna
59 8,384,606 Antenna device and communication terminal
60 8,384,567 Encoding apparatus and method, recording apparatus and method, and decoding apparatus and method
61 8,384,511 Photoreceptor device, liquid crystal apparatus, and electronic apparatus
62 8,384,373 AC line signal detection device and method and power supply device
63 8,384,248 Power control apparatus and electronic appliance equipped with power control apparatus
64 8,384,178 Solid-state image pickup device
65 8,384,176 Solid-state imaging device
66 8,384,173 Solid-state imaging device and method for making the same, and imaging apparatus
67 8,384,167 Semiconductor device with field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
68 8,384,166 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
69 8,384,116 Substrate with chips mounted thereon, method of manufacturing substrate with chips mounted thereon, display, and method of manufacturing display
70 8,384,080 Thin film transistor, display device, and electronic device
71 8,384,045 Minute particle analyzing device and method
72 8,384,009 Optical member with high refractive index layers, solid-state imaging device having an optical member with high refractive index layers, and manufacturing method thereof
73 8,383,468 Display device and manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
74 8,383,446 Manufracturing method of solid-state imaging device
75 8,383,326 Optical device and method of making the same using combination of light energy sensitive materials
76 8,383,273 Nonaqueous electrolyte composition and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
77 8,383,272 Anode current collector, anode, and secondary battery
78 8,383,267 Anode and secondary battery including the same
79 8,383,212 Alignment film and method of manufacturing the same, phase difference device and method of manufacturing the same, and display unit
80 8,382,453 Piezoelectric pump, cooling device, and electronic apparatus
81 8,381,990 Antenna module
82 8,381,649 Printing method and display apparatus manufacturing method