Sony patents granted on 26 January 2010

51 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 RE41,091 Method and apparatus for serving data
2 D608,781 Display
3 7,653,939 Data processing system, data processing method, data processing apparatus, license system, and program providing medium
4 7,653,928 Remote user interface for media player
5 7,653,903 Modular imaging download system
6 7,653,877 Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
7 7,653,869 System and method for error correction in high definition TV signal
8 7,653,771 Control docking unit
9 7,653,759 Wireless communications unit, wireless communications method, wireless communications system, and computer program
10 7,653,756 Recording/reproducing apparatus
11 7,653,752 Distribution contents forming method, contents distributing method and apparatus, and code converting method
12 7,653,735 Method for achieving end-to-end quality of service negotiations for distributed multi-media applications
13 7,653,707 Data-providing apparatus, data-providing method and program storing medium to provide requested content data to a user
14 7,653,686 Content reproducing device and content reproducing method
15 7,653,655 Data communication system, data communication apparatus, and data communication method for generating or detecting an event
16 7,653,541 Speech processing device and method, and program for recognition of out-of-vocabulary words in continuous speech
17 7,653,532 Content recording/reproducing apparatus, storage medium and computer program
18 7,653,416 Wireless communication system, transmitter and receiver used therefor, and wireless communication method
19 7,653,350 Wireless terminals and methods for communicating over cellular and enhanced mode bluetooth communication links
20 7,653,346 Communication terminal device, communication system, communication method, and program
21 7,653,294 Image blur correction apparatus, lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
22 7,653,292 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and waterproof housing
23 7,653,286 File reproduction apparatus, file reproduction method, file reproduction method program and recording medium for recording file reproduction method program
24 7,653,198 Recording medium for data including concealment data and recording/reproducing method for such data
25 7,653,128 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
26 7,653,125 Tap coefficient determining method and apparatus, and digital signal phase locking method and apparatus
27 7,653,105 Semiconductor laser, method of manufacturing semiconductor laser, optical pickup and optical disk system
28 7,653,043 Communication method, communication device, and computer program
29 7,652,997 Data communication system, data communication apparatus and data communication method, connection establishment method and apparatus, connection establishment system, and computer program thereof
30 7,652,968 Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing a hologram
31 7,652,957 Lens driving mechanism and image pickup device
32 7,652,956 Disc drive operative with both large-diameter and small-diameter optical discs, and method of controlling same
33 7,652,739 Liquid crystal display apparatus using switching devices and a method of manufacturing the same
34 7,652,730 Liquid crystal display device
35 7,652,724 Image display apparatus having speakers incorporated into cabinet
36 7,652,718 Camera module and electronic apparatus
37 7,652,688 Imaging apparatus and zoom lens with a shift lens group
38 7,652,670 Polynomial encoding of vertex data for use in computer animation of cloth and other materials
39 7,652,654 Liquid crystal display and backlight adjusting method
40 7,652,650 Current output drive circuit and display device
41 7,652,628 Antenna for use in earphone and earphone with integrated antenna
42 7,652,343 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing same
43 7,652,274 Optical device
44 7,651,928 Method for crystallizing a semiconductor thin film
45 7,651,820 Gel electrolyte and gel electrolyte battery
46 7,651,803 Ionic conductor, process for production thereof, and electrochemical device
47 7,651,722 Apparatus and method for manufacturing an organic electroluminescence display
48 7,651,631 Phosphor, optical device, and display device
49 7,651,287 Printer device having ink ribbon cartridge with protection plate for thermal head
50 7,651,279 Optical-electrical transmission connector, optical-electrical transmission device and electronic device
51 7,651,235 Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device assembly