Sony patents granted on 26 January 2016

50 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,247,290 Seamless transition between display applications using direct device selection
2 9,247,289 Reproducing apparatus, display apparatus, reproducing method, and display method
3 9,247,248 Mode searching and early termination of a video picture and fast compression of variable length symbols
4 9,247,230 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
5 9,247,198 Data transport in unannounced standard caption service
6 9,247,185 Playback apparatus, playback method and program
7 9,247,172 Solid state image sensor, method for driving a solid state image sensor, imaging apparatus, and electronic device
8 9,247,166 Solid-state image sensor, solid-state imaging device, and camera device
9 9,247,156 Facial image display apparatus, facial image display method, and facial image display program
10 9,247,132 Moving picture capturing device, information processing system, information processing device, and image data processing method
11 9,247,119 Operation apparatus
12 9,246,981 Transfer device, client apparatus, server apparatus, reproduction apparatus and transfer method
13 9,246,854 Terminal device
14 9,246,771 Cloud communication layer for a user device
15 9,246,602 Quantum encryption communication apparatus, quantum encryption communication method, and quantum encryption communication system
16 9,246,588 Connector system, connecting cable and receiving tool
17 9,246,551 Multiple electronic devices having plural sliding surfaces which are urged into connecting engagement with each other
18 9,246,548 Electromagnetic coupling of electronic devices using resonant terminations that shift resonant frequencies
19 9,246,521 Transmission device, transmission/reception device, integrated circuit, and communication state monitoring method
20 9,246,448 Amplification circuit
21 9,246,304 Pulse shaping device and pulse shaping method
22 9,246,205 Transmission of signals via a high-frequency waveguide
23 9,246,196 Battery unit
24 9,246,190 Battery and battery pack
25 9,246,160 Anode and battery using the same
26 9,246,090 Storage device and storage unit
27 9,246,086 Conductive bridge memory system and method of manufacture thereof
28 9,246,008 Thin-film device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing image display apparatus
29 9,245,918 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, and camera with alternately arranged pixel combinations and shared floating diffusion
30 9,245,823 Imaging device, imaging apparatus, production apparatus and method, and semiconductor device
31 9,245,585 Content editing apparatus, content editing method and program
32 9,245,584 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
33 9,245,571 Optical disc device, control method thereof, program, and information storage medium
34 9,245,570 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
35 9,245,517 Noise reduction audio reproducing device and noise reduction audio reproducing method
36 9,245,481 Active-matrix display device, and active-matrix organic electroluminescent display device
37 9,245,389 Information processing apparatus and recording medium
38 9,245,386 Augmented reality system for product identification and promotion
39 9,245,385 Augmented reality virtual guide system
40 9,245,384 Augmented reality interface for video
41 9,245,035 Information processing system, information processing method, program, and non-transitory information storage medium
42 9,244,531 Touch-sensitive sheet member, input device and electronic apparatus
43 9,244,526 Display control apparatus, display control method, and program for displaying virtual objects in 3D with varying depth
44 9,244,285 Interface using eye tracking contact lenses
45 9,242,424 Display device and electronic apparatus
46 9,242,179 Application provision server and application provision method
47 9,242,178 Creation of game-based scenes
48 9,242,176 Remote control of a first user’s gameplay by a second user
49 9,242,174 System and method for dynamically distributing game data
50 9,242,172 Game control program, game device, and method that make game progress by moving character