Sony patents granted on 26 June 2007

38 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D545,336 Camera
2 D545,335 Camera
3 D545,299 Speaker box
4 D545,278 Television receiver
5 7,237,248 Disk cartridge
6 7,237,247 Disc cartridge having deeper concave portion continuous with shutter opener/closer groove
7 7,237,133 Power supply control circuit for memories, method thereof and apparatus equipped with memories
8 7,237,112 Information processing system
9 7,237,001 Downloading system
10 7,236,922 Speech recognition with feedback from natural language processing for adaptation of acoustic model
11 7,236,852 Motion controlling apparatus and method and remote controlling apparatus and method for legged mobile robot
12 7,236,689 Data recording/reproducing apparatus and data recording/reproducing method
13 7,236,687 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
14 7,236,686 Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal, method and apparatus for receiving a signal, VBI signal generating apparatus, video signal transmitting apparatus, video signal processing apparatus, video signal receiving apparatus, decoding apparatus, and recording medium for recording a video signal
15 7,236,684 Editing apparatus and editing method
16 7,236,650 Signal processing apparatus, method of the same, an image processing apparatus and method of same
17 7,236,645 Image synthesizing apparatus and method
18 7,236,526 Coding system and its method, coding device and its method, decoding device and its method, recording device and its method, and reproducing device and its method
19 7,236,513 Transmission method and transmitter
20 7,236,449 Optical recording medium, stamper for producing optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method
21 7,236,442 Holographic recording/reproducing apparatus and reproducing apparatus for holographically recorded information
22 7,236,439 Optical disc medium and data recording method and apparatus
23 7,236,435 Address information recording device and recording method and reproducing device and reproducing method
24 7,236,413 Semiconductor memory device
25 7,236,320 Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
26 7,236,312 Collapsible lens barrel and imaging device
27 7,236,195 Method and system for optimizing a selection of spectral sensitivities
28 7,236,172 System and process for geometry replacement
29 7,236,149 Pixel circuit, display device, and driving method of pixel circuit
30 7,236,137 Earphone antenna, composite coil and coaxial cable used therefor, and wireless device provided with the earphone antenna
31 7,235,981 Impedance conversion circuit and integrated circuit including thereof
32 7,235,951 Charging apparatus
33 7,235,853 Fingerprint detection device and method of its manufacture, and apparatus for forming a protective film
34 7,235,835 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, and electronic device
35 7,235,826 Solid-state image pickup device
36 7,235,477 Multi-layer interconnection circuit module and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,235,331 Semi-Interpenetrating polymer network electrolyte, process for producing the same and battery using the same
38 7,234,845 Reflector for an electronic flash device and electronic flash device