Sony patents granted on 26 October 2010

62 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D626,104 Mobile phone with removable cover
2 7,823,180 Content distribution method, content obtaining device and method, and program
3 7,823,174 Macro-block based content replacement by PID mapping
4 7,823,084 Information processing device and method, and information processing program
5 7,823,080 Information processing apparatus, screen display method, screen display program, and recording medium having screen display program recorded therein
6 7,823,075 GUI application development support device, GUI display device, and method, and computer program
7 7,823,074 Service providing apparatus and method, and information processing apparatus and method
8 7,822,866 Method and system for retrieving content in network system
9 7,822,809 Creating an interactive gaming environment
10 7,822,807 Content providing method utilizing client storage areas to provide content over a network
11 7,822,722 Page title display method
12 7,822,569 Specific-condition-section detection apparatus and method of detecting specific condition section
13 7,822,507 Input device and inputting method
14 7,822,496 Audio signal processing method and apparatus
15 7,822,431 Mobile communication device for accessing network isolated devices
16 7,822,338 Camera for electronic device
17 7,822,337 Apparatus and method for image capturing, apparatus and method for playback, and program
18 7,822,334 Imaging device and in-focus control method
19 7,822,331 Image blur correction device, lens barrel and imaging apparatus
20 7,822,321 Image pickup device and reproduction control method
21 7,822,318 Smart random media object playback
22 7,822,315 Editing device, editing apparatus, and editing method for HDTV signal
23 7,822,304 Laser beam multiplexer
24 7,822,272 Adaptive histogram equalization for images with strong local contrast
25 7,822,216 Electroacoustic transducer using diaphragm and method for producing diaphragm
26 7,822,203 Method, apparatus, and program for processing information
27 7,822,143 Systems and method for transfering digital data and transfering parallel digital data in a serial data stream including clock information
28 7,822,006 System and method for providing data to a wireless communication device
29 7,821,905 Optical pickup device and optical disk device
30 7,821,886 Method and apparatus for controlling a disc seek operation based on a detected abnormality
31 7,821,881 Reproduction device, reproduction method, reproduction program, and recording medium
32 7,821,819 Semiconductor memory device and its data reading method
33 7,821,768 Laminated variable capacitor
34 7,821,751 ESD-detector
35 7,821,703 Laser drawing method and apparatus
36 7,821,602 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
37 7,821,582 Controlled information processing apparatus
38 7,821,573 Time setting system, imaging device, video-device, and time setting method
39 7,821,572 Apparatus and method for processing information signal, apparatus and method for producing coefficient, apparatus and method for producing lookup table, program for performing each method, and medium recording each program
40 7,821,571 Solid-state imaging device, method of driving solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
41 7,821,550 Remote image-pickup system, camera device, and card substrate
42 7,821,545 Portable information terminal and image management program
43 7,821,540 Imager-created image signal-distortion compensation method, imager-created image signal-distortion compensation apparatus, image taking method and image taking apparatus
44 7,821,525 Display device and pixel circuit layout method
45 7,821,511 Power supply voltage converting circuit, method for controlling the same, display device, and mobile terminal
46 7,821,500 Inductive joystick
47 7,821,481 Image display apparatus, control signal generating apparatus, image display control method, and computer program product
48 7,821,471 Asymmetrical flat antenna, method of manufacturing the asymmetrical flat antenna, and signal-processing unit using the same
49 7,821,470 Antenna arrangement
50 7,821,451 Positioning apparatus and positioning method
51 7,821,430 Arithmetic decoding apparatus
52 7,821,391 RFID tracker and locator
53 7,821,377 Remote controller, equipment operation system, and remote control method
54 7,821,322 Chip for non-contact reader/writer having power-supply management function
55 7,821,285 Liquid crystal display apparatus and testing method for liquid crystal display apparatus
56 7,821,093 Solid-state imaging device with biased light shielding film
57 7,821,074 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
58 7,820,901 Information management method, information management program, and information management device
59 7,820,531 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of manufacturing display apparatus, apparatus of manufacturing semiconductor device, and display apparatus
60 7,820,471 Photoelectric conversion element and process for fabricating the same, electronic apparatus and process for fabricating the same, and semiconductor layer and process for forming the same
61 7,820,324 Anode active material and battery
62 7,819,495 Print method, print apparatus, and recording medium driving apparatus