Sony patents granted on 27 August 2013

78 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D688,722 Camera
2 D688,721 Video camera
3 D688,676 Display panel or screen with animated graphical user interface
4 8,522,301 System and method for varying content according to a playback control record that defines an overlay
5 8,522,295 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method
6 8,522,280 Display control apparatus, display control method and communication system
7 8,522,160 Information processing device, contents processing method and program
8 8,522,150 Information processing apparatus and associated method of content exchange
9 8,522,041 System and method for efficiently performing a data encryption operation
10 8,522,033 Authentication device, authentication method, program, and signature generation device
11 8,521,844 Information processing apparatus and method and program
12 8,521,834 Communication system, communication device and communication method
13 8,521,794 Signal processing circuit, AGC circuit, and recording and playback device
14 8,521,522 Audio coding/decoding method and apparatus using excess quantization information
15 8,521,212 Method and arrangement for power control
16 8,521,192 Method and system for initiating location monitoring using near field communication
17 8,521,080 Relay station device, base station device, mobile station device, and radio communication system
18 8,521,007 Information processing method, information processing device, scene metadata extraction device, loss recovery information generation device, and programs
19 8,521,003 Recording apparatus and recording medium
20 8,520,999 Camera event logger
21 8,520,963 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for processing content based on user viewing situation
22 8,520,935 2D to 3D image conversion based on image content
23 8,520,884 Audio/video device
24 8,520,870 Transmission device and transmission method
25 8,520,857 Head-related transfer function measurement method, head-related transfer function convolution method, and head-related transfer function convolution device
26 8,520,837 Mobile device display implementation
27 8,520,788 Receiving device, receiving method and program
28 8,520,765 Information processing apparatus, signal transmission method and decoding method
29 8,520,754 Reception apparatus and method, program and reception system
30 8,520,740 Arithmetic decoding acceleration
31 8,520,712 Laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
32 8,520,642 Wireless communication system, and apparatus and method for wireless communication
33 8,520,616 Method and device for user pairing for uplink multi-user MIMO under coordinated multiple point transmission scenario
34 8,520,485 Recording apparatus and servo control method
35 8,520,480 Optical disc apparatus, method of controlling the same, and information storage medium
36 8,520,478 Readout device, readout method, program, and program recording medium
37 8,520,476 Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/producing system
38 8,520,475 Recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/producing system
39 8,520,321 Imaging lens and imaging device
40 8,520,318 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
41 8,520,317 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
42 8,520,263 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
43 8,520,234 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, and program
44 8,520,139 Device and method for controlling frame rate, recording apparatus and image pickup apparatus
45 8,520,134 Image processing apparatus and method, and program therefor
46 8,520,120 Imaging apparatus and display control method thereof
47 8,520,112 Imaging device, display control method, and program
48 8,520,110 Solid-state imaging device, driving control method, and imaging apparatus
49 8,520,105 Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
50 8,520,103 Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method thereof and image capturing apparatus
51 8,520,086 Recording apparatus and method, reproducing apparatus and method, and program
52 8,520,077 Color-unevenness inspection apparatus and method
53 8,520,039 Image-signal processing device, image-signal processing method, and image display apparatus
54 8,519,982 Active acoustic touch location for electronic devices
55 8,519,974 Touch sensing device, touch screen device comprising the touch sensing device, mobile device, method for sensing a touch and method for manufacturing a touch sensing device
56 8,519,968 Portable information terminal, hold status switch method and recording medium
57 8,519,955 Character input device, character input device control method, and information storage medium
58 8,519,919 Display device and method to prevent the change of threshold voltage of the writing transistor due to the variation with age
59 8,519,915 Pixel circuit and display device having an electrooptic element
60 8,519,912 Liquid-crystal display apparatus
61 8,519,804 Wired transmission line for electromagnetic coupling of first and second millimeter wave AV devices
62 8,519,622 Display apparatus
63 8,519,502 Solid-state imaging device
64 8,519,460 X-Y address type solid state image pickup device and method of producing the same
65 8,519,459 Solid-state imaging device and electronic equipment
66 8,519,456 Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup apparatus including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,519,377 Nonvolatile memory device, nonvolatile memory device group, and manufacturing method thereof
68 8,519,319 Physical information acquisition method, physical information acquisition device, and semiconductor device
69 8,519,282 Joystick device
70 8,519,271 Flexible printed circuit, touch panel, display panel and display
71 8,518,858 Receptor layer forming composition and thermal transfer receiving sheet
72 8,518,813 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
73 8,518,771 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
74 8,518,756 Method for crystallizing thin film, method for manufacturing thin film semiconductor device, method for manufacturing electronic apparatus, and method for manufacturing display device
75 8,518,754 Organic EL display and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,518,512 Production method for optical disc master, optical disc master, stamper, and optical disc
77 8,518,500 Thermal transfer sheet and ink ribbon
78 8,516,888 Angular velocity sensor and method of manufacturing the same