Sony patents granted on 27 December 2016

57 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 RE46,258 Communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for publishing, sharing and accessing media files
2 D775,255 Camera
3 D775,139 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
4 D775,130 Keyboard
5 D774,805 Retail store electronic device exhibit
6 9,532,352 Method and apparatus for incremental-redundancy HARQ process
7 9,532,275 Body contact communication optimization with link key exchange
8 9,532,259 Dynamic network-controlled formation of mobile cells
9 9,532,190 Embedded advertising in MMS stationery
10 9,532,107 Content distribution
11 9,532,068 Coding device and method, decoding device and method, recording medium, and program
12 9,532,040 Virtual viewpoint interval determination sections apparatus and method
13 9,532,028 Image processing device, and image processing method, and program
14 9,532,014 Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device and method, recording medium, and program
15 9,531,991 Camera system, video processing apparatus, and camera apparatus
16 9,531,978 Imaging device, electronic apparatus, and counter interface circuit connected to a plurality of data latches that output analog pixel signals
17 9,531,975 Solid-state imaging device and camera
18 9,531,972 Solid-state imaging device, method for driving the same, and imaging device
19 9,531,971 Imaging device, driving method and electronic apparatus with electric potential applied outside exposure period
20 9,531,958 Image processing device, imaging device, image processing method, and program having different exposure start times
21 9,531,955 Information processing device, information processing system, and storage medium storing program
22 9,531,858 Methods of responding to an orientation or motion of a portable electronic device, and related devices
23 9,531,844 Automatic internet connection sharing among related devices
24 9,531,686 Statutory license restricted digital media playback on portable devices
25 9,531,511 Division of bit streams to produce spatial paths for multicarrier transmission
26 9,531,445 Communication apparatus, program, communication method and communication system
27 9,531,417 Receiving circuit, receiving device, and receiving method
28 9,531,383 Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
29 9,531,338 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, signal processing system, and communication terminal
30 9,531,087 MM wave antenna array integrated with cellular antenna
31 9,531,084 Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antennas having polarization and angle diversity and related wireless communications devices
32 9,530,958 Magnetoresistive element
33 9,530,816 Solid state image pickup device and method of producing solid state image pickup device
34 9,530,815 Solid-state imaging apparatus and electronic device
35 9,530,812 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
36 9,530,687 Method of manufacturing bonded substrate, bonded substrate, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and camera
37 9,530,558 Energy receiver, detection method, power transmission system, detection device, and energy transmitter
38 9,530,469 Integrated circuit system with non-volatile memory stress suppression and method of manufacture thereof
39 9,530,456 Data processing system having data reproduction independent of data processing
40 9,530,351 Pixel circuit, display device, driving method of pixel circuit, and driving method of display device
41 9,530,236 Time code display device and time code display method
42 9,530,214 Image processing system with depth map determination based on iteration count of blur difference and method of operation thereof
43 9,530,206 Automatic 3D segmentation and cortical surfaces reconstruction from T1 MRI
44 9,530,173 Information processing device, imaging device, and information processing method
45 9,529,905 Information processing device, information processing method, program, and information storage medium
46 9,529,847 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for extracting co-occurrence character strings
47 9,529,725 Information processing device and method for managing file
48 9,529,506 Information processing apparatus which extract feature amounts from content and display a camera motion GUI
49 9,529,493 Terminal, image display method and program for displaying music-related images
50 9,529,444 Recording and reproducing apparatus
51 9,529,427 System and method of image rendering
52 9,529,416 Rack space power utilization
53 9,528,844 System and apparatus for processing information, image display apparatus, control method and computer program
54 9,527,214 Robot apparatus, method for controlling the same, and computer program
55 9,526,995 Video game recording and playback with visual display of game controller manipulation
56 9,526,990 Managing game metrics and authorizations
57 9,526,964 Using pressure signal from racket to advise player