Sony patents granted on 27 March 2012

76 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,271 Digital signal transmission method digital signal transmission system, digital signal transmitting apparatus and recording medium
2 D656,489 Earphone
3 D656,470 Television receiver
4 8,146,167 Use management method for peripheral device, electronic system and component device thereof
5 8,146,166 System and method for providing content in two formats on one DRM disk
6 8,146,127 Apparatus and method for providing data for a carousel
7 8,145,902 Methods and apparatus for secure processor collaboration in a multi-processor system
8 8,145,895 Information transmission apparatus and method, information reception apparatus and method, and information-providing system
9 8,145,875 Address translation circuit for a CPU
10 8,145,851 Integrated device
11 8,145,776 Service providing apparatus and method, and information processing apparatus and method as well as program storage medium
12 8,145,702 Method and apparatus for team based strategy planning in computer simulations
13 8,145,700 Content reproducing apparatus and content reproducing method
14 8,145,657 Identifying broadcast programs that may be of interest to a user
15 8,145,492 Robot behavior control system and method, and robot apparatus
16 8,145,285 Flexible gaskets for wireless terminals with sliding members
17 8,145,259 Mobile terminal device
18 8,145,255 Location storage device, wireless terminal, location storage system, location registration method, location update method and program
19 8,145,177 Receiving apparatus
20 8,145,162 Tuner device
21 8,145,122 Power supply adapter and power supply system
22 8,145,053 Image capturing device and activation method therefor
23 8,145,040 Program recording system, communication terminal, as well as recording and reproducing apparatus
24 8,145,034 Contents replay apparatus and contents replay method
25 8,145,005 Method for discriminating textures regions and homogeneous or flat regions in an image and methods for estimating noise in an image sequence
26 8,145,004 System and method for generating a photograph
27 8,144,991 Apparatus, method, and computer program for processing information
28 8,144,990 Translation and display of text in picture
29 8,144,985 Method of high dynamic range compression with detail preservation and noise constraints
30 8,144,948 Method and apparatus for transporting images
31 8,144,942 Compact biometric authentication device and associated methodology of imaging and detecting living-tissue patterns
32 8,144,939 Automatic identifying
33 8,144,901 Sound image position correction system, sound image position correction method, and audio/display apparatus
34 8,144,870 Encoding and detecting apparatus
35 8,144,804 Signal encoding apparatus and method, signal decoding apparatus and method, programs and recording mediums
36 8,144,779 Apparatus and method for detecting motion vector, program, and recording medium
37 8,144,767 Method and apparatus for coding image information, method and apparatus for decoding image information, method and apparatus for coding and decoding image information, and system of coding and transmitting image information
38 8,144,766 Simple next search position selection for motion estimation iterative search
39 8,144,765 Apparatus and method for decoding picture data
40 8,144,763 Imaging apparatus, imaging system and method thereof
41 8,144,751 Satellite signal receiver apparatus and satellite signal reception method
42 8,144,685 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method for constructing a decentralized distributed type network
43 8,144,652 System and method for multi-link communication in home network
44 8,144,562 Optical disc apparatus, method of controlling the same, and information storage medium
45 8,144,499 Variable resistance memory device
46 8,144,379 Recording and reproducing device and polarization direction controlling method
47 8,144,266 Module system for permitting storage device interface with TV
48 8,144,261 Systems and methods for optical block level adjustment of rear projection TVs
49 8,144,251 Overlaid images on TV
50 8,144,246 Video signal processing apparatus, method, and computer program product for converting interlaced video signals into progressive video signals
51 8,144,244 Imaging device
52 8,144,241 Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and exposure control method
53 8,144,233 Display control device, display control method, and display control program for superimposing images to create a composite image
54 8,144,232 Camera system and method for picture sharing using geotagged pictures
55 8,144,229 Solid-state image pickup device
56 8,144,227 Image pickup device and image pickup result outputting method
57 8,144,211 Chromatic aberration correction apparatus, image pickup apparatus, chromatic aberration amount calculation method, and chromatic aberration amount calculation program
58 8,144,190 Shared color sensors for high-resolution 3-D camera
59 8,144,188 Projector arrangement
60 8,144,141 Liquid crystal display
61 8,144,140 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,144,102 Memory element and display device
63 8,144,095 Image display device, display panel and method of driving image display device
64 8,144,085 Display device, control method and computer program for display device
65 8,144,046 Linearity enhancement circuit, .SIGMA..DELTA. A/D converter, and reception apparatus
66 8,144,038 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing system and signal processing method
67 8,143,998 Noncontact IC card communication system and communication method
68 8,143,914 Semiconductor integrated circuit
69 8,142,669 Electromechanical element, electric circuit device and production method of those
70 8,142,289 Dead reckoning in a gaming environment
71 8,142,288 Base station movement detection and compensation
72 8,142,179 Stereolithography apparatus
73 8,142,042 Light-emitting-diode backlight device
74 8,142,024 Image display device and adjustment method thereof
75 8,141,243 Method of manufacturing circuit board
76 8,141,207 Two-axis hinge device and mobile terminal apparatus