Sony patents granted on 27 May 2008

43 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D569,843 Speaker box
2 D569,840 Amplifier
3 D569,831 Mobile phone
4 D569,816 Television receiver
5 D569,815 Television receiver
6 D569,674 Disc case
7 7,380,263 Apparatus and method for use in television channel mapping
8 7,380,206 Data distribution method and apparatus, and data reception method and apparatus
9 7,380,132 Data recording method and apparatus, data record medium and data reproducing method and apparatus
10 7,379,969 Method and apparatus for providing instructional content on a mobile device
11 7,379,966 System, method, and computer program product for media publishing request processing
12 7,379,892 Apparatus and method for executing a game program having advertisements therein
13 7,379,878 Information encoding apparatus and method, information decoding apparatus and method, recording medium utilizing spectral switching for embedding additional information in an audio signal
14 7,379,871 Speech synthesizing apparatus, speech synthesizing method, and recording medium using a plurality of substitute dictionaries corresponding to pre-programmed personality information
15 7,379,760 Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
16 7,379,720 Keypad lighting using polymer light emitting devices
17 7,379,659 Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
18 7,379,655 Information searching device, information receiver, and methods therefor
19 7,379,639 Lens assembly and electronic apparatus using the same
20 7,379,568 Weak hypothesis generation apparatus and method, learning apparatus and method, detection apparatus and method, facial expression learning apparatus and method, facial expression recognition apparatus and method, and robot apparatus
21 7,379,549 Access control for digital content
22 7,379,497 Encoded data outputting apparatus and method
23 7,379,479 Communication apparatus, communication method and program
24 7,379,463 Data transmission device and data transmission method
25 7,379,406 Optical recording apparatus, and method for controlling laser power therein by filtering and then sampling a returned light signal
26 7,379,275 Magneto-resistive head having a thermally conductive layer
27 7,379,261 Apparatus and method for reproducing recorded signal
28 7,379,240 Rear projection-type screen and rear projection-type image display device
29 7,379,120 Image processing device and image processing method
30 7,379,103 Integrated fading and mixing for a picture processing apparatus
31 7,379,098 Interpolation process for an image processing apparatus
32 7,379,069 Checkerboard buffer using two-dimensional buffer pages
33 7,379,059 Display apparatus, display method, liquid crystal driver circuit and liquid crystal driving method
34 7,379,058 Disk apparatus
35 7,379,057 Non-linear processing apparatus, image display apparatus
36 7,379,039 Current drive circuit and display device using same pixel circuit, and drive method
37 7,378,714 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
38 7,378,695 Solid-state image pickup device and manufacturing method thereof
39 7,378,340 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
40 7,377,851 Operating device for game machine
41 7,377,649 Projector arrangement
42 7,377,446 IC card
43 7,377,306 Radiation fin, cooling device, electronic equipment, and manufacturing method of cooling device