Sony patents granted on 27 November 2012

98 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,829 Transmission system for OFDM-signals with optimized synchronization
2 D671,543 Cradle for portable electronic device
3 D671,540 Computer
4 D671,521 Combined audio player and clock radio
5 D671,319 Case for electronic device
6 8,321,917 Connection authentication system, terminal apparatus, connection authentication server, connection authentication method, and program
7 8,321,898 Content display-playback system, content display-playback method, and recording medium and operation control apparatus used therewith
8 8,321,897 Transmission method and transmitter
9 8,321,894 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus
10 8,321,888 TV tutorial widget
11 8,321,880 Disc changer
12 8,321,866 System and method for data synchronization for a computer architecture for broadband networks
13 8,321,789 Image browsing apparatus and image browsing method
14 8,321,788 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
15 8,321,710 Device, method and computer program product for causing an input device to enter a low power state and sending a command that disables display of a graphical user interface
16 8,321,674 Information processing device, computer program, and information processing system
17 8,321,672 Authentication system, information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
18 8,321,607 Semiconductor memory device and multilayered chip semiconductor device
19 8,321,574 Apparatus, system and method for secure information dissemination
20 8,321,557 Web feeds over SIP
21 8,321,452 Information processing system, apparatus and method for information processing, and recording medium
22 8,321,418 Information processor, method of processing information, and program
23 8,321,414 Hybrid audio-visual categorization system and method
24 8,321,301 Method and system for clothing shopping using an image of a shopper
25 8,321,221 Speech communication system and method, and robot apparatus
26 8,321,146 Gene classifying method, gene classifying program, and gene classifying device
27 8,321,127 Information display method, information processing apparatus, and information display program
28 8,320,998 Vein imaging apparatus, positional displacement interpolation method, and program
29 8,320,997 Vein authentication apparatus and template registration method
30 8,320,969 Communication device, communication control method and communication system
31 8,320,912 Wireless communication system, terminal, message sending method, and program for allowing terminal to execute the method
32 8,320,885 Methods that communicate via transferjet and NFC transmitter and receiver pairing
33 8,320,851 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and computer program
34 8,320,837 Radio communication device, audio data reproducing method and program
35 8,320,745 Recording apparatus, recording method, and program
36 8,320,744 Video signal processing device, video signal processing method, video signal encoding device, video signal encoding method, and program
37 8,320,740 Information processing apparatus and method, program, and record medium
38 8,320,730 Input/output device and input/output management system
39 8,320,703 Image processing method and apparatus
40 8,320,698 System and method for denoising using signal dependent adaptive weights
41 8,320,693 Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, and transmission system
42 8,320,685 Picture processing apparatus and method, and imaging apparatus
43 8,320,674 Text localization for image and video OCR
44 8,320,672 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
45 8,320,639 Vein pattern management system, vein pattern registration apparatus, vein pattern authentication apparatus, vein pattern registration method, vein pattern authentication method, program, and vein data configuration
46 8,320,618 Object tracker and object tracking method
47 8,320,614 Scene switching point detector, scene switching point detecting method, recording apparatus, event generator, event generating method, reproducing apparatus, and computer program
48 8,320,583 Noise reducing device and noise determining method
49 8,320,563 Service card adapter
50 8,320,484 1K mode interleaver in a digital video broadcasting (DVB) standard
51 8,320,469 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
52 8,320,468 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
53 8,320,467 Coding device and method, decoding device and method, recording medium, and program
54 8,320,447 Encoding apparatus and encoding method, and decoding apparatus and decoding method
55 8,320,444 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, and program
56 8,320,421 Semiconductor light-emitting device
57 8,320,305 Random access burst transmission scheme
58 8,320,288 Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method, and computer program
59 8,320,231 Recording apparatus and recording method
60 8,320,225 Reproduction-only recording medium, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and disk manufacturing method
61 8,320,100 Varactor element and electronic device
62 8,319,930 Liquid-crystal display apparatus comprising display pixels and vision-angle control pixels having a vision-angle control circuit
63 8,319,922 Liquid crystal display and electronic apparatus
64 8,319,900 Remote control security
65 8,319,897 Noise reduction method, noise reduction program, recording medium having noise reduction program recorded thereon, and noise reduction apparatus
66 8,319,882 Image pickup device and image pickup element including plurality of types of pixel pairs
67 8,319,878 Solid-state imaging device and its production method
68 8,319,877 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
69 8,319,867 Solid-state imager device, drive method of solid-state imager device and camera apparatus
70 8,319,866 Imaging optical system and imaging apparatus
71 8,319,863 Characteristic value generating circuit and imaging device
72 8,319,850 Imaging element with signal holding section, drive method for imaging element with signal holding period, and camera with imaging element and signal holding section
73 8,319,818 Information processing device, information processing method and storage medium storing computer program
74 8,319,794 Image display control apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
75 8,319,789 Image generation device and image generation method
76 8,319,760 Display device, driving method of the same and electronic equipment incorporating the same
77 8,319,750 Sensing circuit, method of driving sensing circuit, display device, method of driving display device, and electronic apparatus
78 8,319,749 Image pickup apparatus, display-and-image-pickup apparatus and image pickup processing apparatus
79 8,319,737 Display device and a method of driving the same
80 8,319,710 Display apparatus and method for making the same
81 8,319,706 Display apparatus and driving method with first and second time correction of pixel drive transistor
82 8,319,586 Integrated circuit
83 8,319,522 Data transfer circuit, solid-state imaging device and camera system
84 8,319,489 Power transfer device, power supply device and power receiving device
85 8,319,416 Display device and electronic apparatus having a display device
86 8,319,412 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
87 8,319,375 Power supply system and electronic instrument
88 8,319,226 Thin film transistor and display device
89 8,319,222 Adhesive composition
90 8,319,167 Solid state imaging device and electronic apparatus
91 8,319,098 Porous semiconductor film on a substrate
92 8,318,367 Electrochemical energy generating apparatus and operating method thereof, and electrochemical device
93 8,318,343 Nonaqueous electrolyte cell and positive electrode for same
94 8,318,339 Battery pack
95 8,318,333 Battery pack and method for producing the same
96 8,317,613 Social interactive content creator development
97 8,317,582 Game control program, game device and game control method
98 8,317,093 Information providing system, apparatus and method for information processing, and computer program product