Sony patents granted on 27 October 2009

54 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D602,945 Computer generated image for display panel or screen
2 D602,932 Support for arithmetic and control unit
3 D602,905 Earphone
4 7,610,605 Method and apparatus for conversion and distribution of data utilizing trick-play requests and meta-data information
5 7,610,601 Apparatus and method for automatically recording content, and recording medium and program thereof
6 7,610,600 Television reception system, channel selection apparatus and display apparatus
7 7,610,599 Information providing device and method for index information for scene changes
8 7,610,546 Document processing apparatus having capability of controlling video data
9 7,610,505 Violations in a peer-to-peer relay network
10 7,610,488 Data processing device and method and program of same
11 7,610,464 Methods and apparatus for providing independent logical address space and access management
12 7,610,432 Method and apparatus for assigning alias node names and port names within a tape library
13 7,610,402 Spectators in a peer-to-peer relay network
14 7,610,392 Computer system and method for transmitting user status information
15 7,610,380 Information processing device, access control processing method, and computer program
16 7,610,338 Communication contents certification system, communication contents certification apparatus, communication contents certification method, and recording medium
17 7,610,321 File transfer system, file storage apparatus, method for storing file, and program
18 7,610,301 Program information processing system, program information management server, program information operation terminal, and computer program
19 7,610,262 File management device
20 7,610,260 Methods and apparatus for selecting and providing content data using content data status information
21 7,610,109 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
22 7,609,942 Recording device and method, salvage device and method, and program
23 7,609,938 Recording and reproducing apparatus, and editing method
24 7,609,936 Content recording/reproducing apparatus and method, storage medium and computer program
25 7,609,903 Spread spectrum signal demodulating method and apparatus
26 7,609,901 Recording/reproducing system
27 7,609,900 Moving picture converting apparatus and method, and computer program
28 7,609,896 Recorder and method therefor, player and therefor, program, and recording medium
29 7,609,891 Evaluation of element distribution within a collection of images based on pixel scatterness
30 7,609,885 System and method for effectively implementing a texture feature detector
31 7,609,850 Data processing apparatus and method
32 7,609,849 Data processing apparatus and method
33 7,609,697 Optimizing IEEE 802.11 for TCP/IP data transfer
34 7,609,597 Apparatus for recording or reproducing record medium and method for controlling data output
35 7,609,570 Switched capacitor charge sharing technique for integrated circuit devices enabling signal generation of disparate selected signal values
36 7,609,507 Display device
37 7,609,460 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
38 7,609,324 Signal processing apparatus and method for generating a corrected image having a large number of pixels from an image having a lesser number of pixels, and recording medium having a program recorded thereon for performing such method
39 7,609,320 Imaging device, imaging device image output method, and computer for assigning a dynamic range
40 7,609,317 Electronic camera and automatic focusing method for generating a light exposure control signal according to a central timing
41 7,609,312 Driving controlling method for image sensing device, and imaging device
42 7,609,296 Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording medium using an index file
43 7,609,295 Image processing apparatus with easy switching between playback and still and moving image modes
44 7,609,292 Signal processing device, method, and program
45 7,609,263 Drawing processing apparatus and method for compressing drawing data
46 7,609,258 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
47 7,609,219 Slot antenna
48 7,609,148 Actuator, touch panel display device, electronic apparatus
49 7,609,109 Contactless IC card system
50 7,609,107 Semiconductor integrated circuit and activation method of the same
51 7,609,026 Charging device and charging method
52 7,608,943 Power supply adapter and power supply system
53 7,608,359 Battery
54 7,607,846 Ejection tray, sheet supply and ejection device, image forming apparatus, and information display device