Sony patents granted on 28 April 2009

55 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 D591,270 Dock for digital music player
2 D591,266 Speaker box
3 D591,263 Headphone
4 7,526,783 Disk cartridge
5 7,526,782 Shutter member for disc cartridge, disc cartridge and disc recording/reproducing apparatus
6 7,526,724 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
7 7,526,657 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
8 7,526,646 Authentication system and an authentication method for authenticating mobile information terminals
9 7,526,608 Methods and apparatus for providing a software implemented cache memory
10 7,526,567 Data stream-distribution system and method therefor
11 7,526,566 Methods of operating radio communications devices including predefined streaming times and addresses and related devices
12 7,526,548 Distributing an information image
13 7,526,450 Interface for presenting downloadable digital data content format options
14 7,526,326 Handheld wireless communicators with reduced free-space, near-field emissions
15 7,526,311 Mobile terminal apparatus and computer program product having communication state changing features
16 7,526,275 Mobile terminal apparatus
17 7,526,252 Information communication system information communication device and information communication method and computer program
18 7,526,188 Disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus for use in an image pickup device
19 7,526,187 Processing digital data having variable packet lengths
20 7,526,178 Identifying and processing of audio and/or video material
21 7,526,170 Optical semiconductor device
22 7,526,141 Correcting image gradation based on neighboring pixels
23 7,526,122 Information inputting/specifying method and information inputting/specifying device
24 7,526,086 Editing apparatus and editing method
25 7,526,032 Sync signal insertion that breaks a maximum bit-run and has a particular detection distance between two or more sync patterns
26 7,526,030 Digital signal conversion method and digital signal conversion device
27 7,526,025 Lifting-based implementations of orthonormal spatio-temporal transformations
28 7,526,008 Surface emitting laser diode
29 7,525,895 Semiconductor integrated device
30 7,525,884 Position control apparatus and method for an optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus with interlinked on/off of a phase compensator and on/off of a servo loop
31 7,525,774 Magneto-resistance effect type magnetic head and magnetic tape apparatus
32 7,525,733 Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing the same
33 7,525,729 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
34 7,525,728 Transmissive screen and rear projection display apparatus
35 7,525,601 Image switching apparatus, image switching method, and program recording medium
36 7,525,574 Signal processing method and apparatus and recording medium
37 7,525,571 Image processing system, image pickup device and method, and recording medium using representative image data
38 7,525,556 Data creating device, data reproducing device, data processing system, and methods therefor
39 7,525,533 Audio communication device and audio communication method
40 7,525,522 Display apparatus
41 7,525,489 Digital video broadcast-handheld (DVB-H) antennas for wireless terminals
42 7,525,334 Liquid-crystal display device, defective pixel examination method, defective pixel examination program, and storage medium
43 7,525,288 Charging/discharging apparatus and method, power supplying apparatus and method, power supplying system and method, program storing medium, and program
44 7,525,166 Memory element and memory
45 7,525,037 System and method for automatically beat mixing a plurality of songs using an electronic equipment
46 7,525,036 Groove mapping
47 7,524,991 Organic electroluminescent devices, aminostyrylnaphthalene compounds and synthesis intermediates thereof, and production processes of the same
48 7,524,916 Hybrid silica polymer, method for production thereof, and proton-conducting material
49 7,524,585 Anode and battery using it
50 7,524,559 Resin particle, conductive particle, and anisotropic conductive adhesive containing the same
51 7,524,393 Gel electrolyte battery
52 7,524,121 Image forming apparatus
53 7,524,022 Head module, liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge apparatus
54 7,524,020 Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
55 7,523,898 Wire holder with single step installation into T-shaped hole in support substrate