Sony patents granted on 28 April 2015

42 US patents granted on 28 April 2015 and assigned to Sony

1 D727,993 Camera
2 9,021,540 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
3 9,021,531 Video searching using TV and user interfaces therefor
4 9,021,274 Apparatus and method for managing power of an electronic appliance
5 9,021,267 System and method for using digital signatures to assign permissions
6 9,020,918 Information registration device, information registration method, information registration system, information presentation device, informaton presentation method, informaton presentaton system, and program
7 9,020,914 Automatic song selection
8 9,020,863 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
9 9,020,822 Emotion recognition using auditory attention cues extracted from users voice
10 9,020,643 Robot apparatus, control method thereof, and computer program
11 9,020,524 Information processing apparatus, information management server, information processing method, information management method, program, and information processing system
12 9,020,474 System and method for wireless network management
13 9,020,447 Electronic devices, methods, and computer program products for making a change to an antenna element based on a power level of a transmission power amplifier
14 9,020,330 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, recording apparatus, recording method, program, recording medium, and network system
15 9,020,327 Method and system for altering the presentation of recorded content
16 9,020,280 System and method for evaluating focus direction under various lighting conditions
17 9,020,269 Image processing device, image processing method, and recording medium
18 9,020,221 Method and apparatus for automatic cancer diagnosis scoring of tissue samples
19 9,020,210 Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
20 9,020,181 Earphone device
21 9,020,049 Communications system using beamforming
22 9,020,023 Reception device and reception method
23 9,019,755 Memory unit and method of operating the same
24 9,019,618 Variable focal length lens system and image pickup apparatus
25 9,019,425 Image pickup unit and image pickup display system
26 9,019,346 Image processing device and method, and program
27 9,019,343 Image data transmission device, image data transmission method, and image data reception device
28 9,019,290 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and program
29 9,019,252 Display device, display method, and program for saving power in a standby mode
30 9,019,204 Electronic apparatus and control method therefor
31 9,019,202 Dynamic virtual remote tagging
32 9,019,138 Column A/D converter, column A/D conversion method, solid-state imaging element and camera system
33 9,018,911 Electric circuit, charge control device, charge system, and control method
34 9,018,728 Semiconductor apparatus, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method
35 9,018,688 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
36 9,018,628 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
37 9,018,582 Passive radiometric imaging device and method
38 9,018,556 Microparticle sorting method
39 9,017,875 Cathode active material, cathode, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
40 9,017,863 Method for preventing erroneous loading of component-to-be-loaded on main body side apparatus, component-to-be-loaded and battery pack
41 9,017,164 Game device provided with touch panel, game control program, and method for controlling game
42 9,016,864 Connecting a projection-type display system to an opening and closing device