Sony patents granted on 28 August 2007

39 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,263,713 Television signal distributor apparatus, receiver apparatus, television signal transmission system and method
2 7,263,708 Cartridge type recording medium, associated apparatus and methodology of disc detection
3 7,263,670 Information displaying method, information displaying device, and computer program
4 7,263,622 Power-saving device for controlling circuit operation, and information processing apparatus
5 7,263,615 Apparatus and method for detecting embedded watermarks
6 7,263,613 Data transmission system
7 7,263,513 Communication system, communication method, distribution apparatus, distribution method and terminal apparatus
8 7,263,499 Electronic commerce system in which commodities are displayed in combination with background images
9 7,263,412 Robot self-position identification system and self-position identification method
10 7,263,386 High gain omnidirectional antenna and related method
11 7,263,380 Method and device for scrolling speed control
12 7,263,350 Portable electronic information device
13 7,263,279 Recording/playback device, and recording medium access method
14 7,263,274 Recording medium cartridge with memory circuit employing a hierarchical data structure
15 7,263,273 Recording medium cartridge with memory circuit employing a hierarchical data structure
16 7,263,188 Data delivery system, server apparatus, reproducing apparatus, data delivery method, data playback method, storage medium, control, signal, and transmission data signal
17 7,263,187 Batch mode session-based encryption of video on demand content
18 7,263,129 Predictive encoding and data decoding control
19 7,263,128 Triple-buffering method for overlapped motion compensation in a video decoder
20 7,262,956 Battery pack and method for manufacturing the same
21 7,262,808 Apparatus and method for generating coefficients, apparatus and method for generating class configuration, informational signal processing apparatus, and programs for performing these methods
22 7,262,795 Image processing method for generating weighted interpolated pixel data
23 7,262,793 Imager and image quality correcting method performing correction based on the output of different readout modes
24 7,262,778 Automatic color adjustment of a template design
25 7,262,741 Ultra wideband antenna
26 7,262,446 Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
27 7,262,445 Charge transfer device and solid-state image pickup device
28 7,262,127 Method for Cu metallization of highly reliable dual damascene structures
29 7,262,064 Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic memory element magnetic memory device and manufacturing methods thereof
30 7,261,984 Exposure pattern or mask and inspection method and manufacture method for the same
31 7,261,976 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,261,419 Image display apparatus
33 7,261,406 Ink used in inkjet recording, method for inkjet recording, inkjet recording head and manufacturing method therefor, method for treating inkjet recording head, and inkjet printer
34 7,261,393 Liquid jetting head, liquid jetting apparatus, and method of manufacturing the liquid jetting head
35 7,261,240 Portable type information processing terminal device
36 D549,725 Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
37 D549,724 Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
38 D549,688 Headphone
39 D549,673 Television receiver