Sony patents granted on 28 August 2012

78 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 RE43,621 System and method for generating a target language markup language text template
2 D666,268 Controller triggering device
3 D666,216 Disc player
4 D666,215 Disc player
5 D666,171 Audio visual device
6 D666,148 Battery
7 8,256,014 Content processing device, server device, communication method, and storage medium containing computer program
8 8,255,897 Software updating system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
9 8,255,588 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, signal processing system, program and medium
10 8,255,573 Communication network system, gateway, data communication method and program providing medium
11 8,255,555 Reception apparatus and method for reducing time delay in channel switching
12 8,255,488 Information communication terminal, information distribution apparatus, information distribution system, content management method, broadcast reception method, information distribution method, programs and storage medium
13 8,255,462 Information processing system and information processing apparatus
14 8,255,214 Signal processing method and processor
15 8,255,204 Character input apparatus, character input assist method, and character input assist program
16 8,254,972 Device and method for handling messages
17 8,254,964 Method and arrangement relating to location based services for a communication device
18 8,254,790 Communications system and communications lighting apparatus
19 8,254,777 Image capturing device and activation method therefor
20 8,254,757 Information processing apparatus and data processing method and program
21 8,254,753 Subtitle generating apparatus and method
22 8,254,726 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
23 8,254,722 Masking tool
24 8,254,713 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program therefor, and recording medium in which the program is recorded
25 8,254,708 Encoding device, encoding method, recording medium, and image processing apparatus
26 8,254,707 Encoding device, encoding method, encoding program, decoding device, decoding method, and decoding program in interlace scanning
27 8,254,690 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
28 8,254,677 Detection apparatus, detection method, and computer program
29 8,254,645 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
30 8,254,641 Biometrics authentication system
31 8,254,639 Image storage device, imaging device, image storage method, and program
32 8,254,613 Speaker apparatus
33 8,254,603 Speaker apparatus and method for driving speaker
34 8,254,594 In-vehicle apparatus
35 8,254,465 Apparatus for encoding and decoding header data in picture signal transmission
36 8,254,414 Communication apparatus and communication method, communication system, and computer program
37 8,254,356 Methods, systems and computer program products for suspending packet-switched sessions to a wireless terminal
38 8,254,339 Receiver apparatus and method for releasing memory thereof
39 8,254,231 Driving device and method, program, and recording medium
40 8,254,230 Recording apparatus and method, and recording medium and program used therewith
41 8,254,226 Disc-shaped recording medium, cutting apparatus for same, and disc drive
42 8,254,223 Optical drive device and tilt detection method
43 8,254,144 Circuit board laminated module and electronic equipment
44 8,254,037 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
45 8,254,035 Zoom lens and image-capture device
46 8,253,894 Optical element, illumination device and display device
47 8,253,885 Liquid crystal display device, backlight source and optical film
48 8,253,859 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, and transmission method for transmitting video data
49 8,253,848 Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, and computer program product, with eye blink detection features
50 8,253,846 Picture signal processing circuit, signal processing method, imaging apparatus, display device, and camera system
51 8,253,836 Solid-state imaging device, imaging device and driving method of solid-state imaging device
52 8,253,830 Solid state image device having multiple PN junctions in a depth direction, each of which provides an output signal
53 8,253,829 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method
54 8,253,826 Photographing apparatus and method, and program
55 8,253,811 Image blur correction unit, lens barrel device, and camera apparatus
56 8,253,809 Analog-digital converter, analog-digital conversion method, image pickup device, method of driving the same, and camera
57 8,253,801 Correcting angle error in a tracking system
58 8,253,794 Image processing apparatus and image display method
59 8,253,763 Image processing device and method, storage medium, and program
60 8,253,760 Imaging display apparatus and method
61 8,253,718 Power consumption reduction device, visibility improvement device, self-luminous display apparatus, image processing device, electronic equipment, power consumption reduction method, visibility improvement method, and computer program
62 8,253,712 Methods of operating electronic devices including touch sensitive interfaces using force/deflection sensing and related devices and computer program products
63 8,253,663 Display apparatus, display-apparatus driving method and electronic equipment
64 8,253,629 Dielectric rod antenna and method for operating the antenna
65 8,253,608 Data compression and decompression
66 8,253,498 Phase locked loop with divider bias control
67 8,253,485 Power amplifier
68 8,253,291 Air-core stepping motor and shaft support structure
69 8,253,150 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing it
70 8,253,142 Solid-state imaging device and method of fabricating the same
71 8,253,133 Thin film transistor and method for producing the same
72 8,252,628 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,252,606 Sensor for thiol analytes
74 8,252,460 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and negative electrode, and method for manufacturing the same
75 8,251,820 Methods and systems for enabling depth and direction detection when interfacing with a computer program
76 8,251,817 Game device, game control method, and game control program
77 8,251,789 Game control program, game control method, and game device
78 8,251,522 Light modulator and projection-type display apparatus