Sony patents granted on 28 December 2010

65 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D629,798 Display for electronic book
2 D629,793 Headset
3 D629,768 Television receiver
4 7,861,313 Information managing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
5 7,861,308 Digital rights management using trusted time
6 7,861,256 Broadcast receiver and method and apparatus for computing viewing/listening information
7 7,861,142 Information recording disc, recording and/or reproducing device and method
8 7,861,089 Communication device, communication method, program, and recording medium
9 7,861,017 Consumer electronics control (CEC) line enhancement method for HDMI network that selects a transfer rate from a plurality of transfer rates
10 7,860,947 Storage medium and downloading method
11 7,860,937 Messaging and service system for mobile computer
12 7,860,861 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for the same
13 7,860,821 Information processing system, content output apparatus, and method and program of controlling an information processing apparatus by a content output apparatus
14 7,860,807 Web page creation supporting system, Web page creation supporting apparatus, Web page creation supporting method, computer program, and record medium
15 7,860,539 Keypad for a slider type portable mobile communications device
16 7,860,473 Systems and methods for providing millimeter wave signal improvements
17 7,860,390 Imaging element package, imaging element module and lens barrel, and image capturing apparatus
18 7,860,389 Photographic device, method of processing information, and program
19 7,860,388 Image capturing apparatus and method for out-of-focus determination and correction
20 7,860,386 Imaging apparatus, control method of imaging apparatus, and computer program
21 7,860,384 Image stabilizer, lens barrel and imager apparatus
22 7,860,382 Selecting autofocus area in an image
23 7,860,367 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
24 7,860,366 Information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
25 7,860,351 Spin-injection magnetoresistance effect element
26 7,860,327 Systems and methods for enhanced coding gain
27 7,860,307 Color matching method, and image capturing device and electronic apparatus using the same
28 7,860,279 Image matching method, program, and image matching system
29 7,860,248 Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
30 7,860,237 Information input device, and electronic apparatus using the same
31 7,860,181 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
32 7,860,127 Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
33 7,860,055 Wireless channel determination/selection method and access point device
34 7,860,014 Ranging system, transmitting terminal, receiving terminal, ranging method, and computer program
35 7,859,961 Optical disk recording method and optical disk recording apparatus
36 7,859,958 Information-recording apparatus, information-recording method, program storage medium and program
37 7,859,956 Image processing device and image processing method, information processing device and information processing method, information recording device and information recording method, information reproducing device and information reproducing method, storage medium, and program
38 7,859,953 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
39 7,859,947 Watch information content distribution processing system, information distribution apparatus, information distribution system, hand held terminal device, information recording medium, and information processing method
40 7,859,736 Method for manufacturing electro-optic device and electro-optic device
41 7,859,617 Display with variable reflectivity
42 7,859,601 Signal processing device, housing rack, and connector
43 7,859,599 Broadcast receiving device and method for simultaneously receiving two different programs
44 7,859,594 Display driving signal processor, display apparatus and a method of processing display driving signal
45 7,859,593 Imaging block and imaging apparatus
46 7,859,590 Electronic device having device side terminal portion for contact with battery
47 7,859,589 Imaging apparatus, and exposure control apparatus, method, and program
48 7,859,583 Solid-state image capture device, analog/digital conversion method for solid state image capture device, and image capture device
49 7,859,579 Recording and reproducing device and recording and reproducing method
50 7,859,570 Electronic apparatus
51 7,859,552 Image processing apparatus
52 7,859,495 Image display apparatus
53 7,859,458 Transmitting device, receiving device and method for establishing a wireless communication link
54 7,859,447 Image processing method, semiconductor device for detecting physical quantity distribution, and electronic apparatus
55 7,858,868 Method for classifying music using Gish distance values
56 7,858,517 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
57 7,858,484 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
58 7,858,418 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
59 7,858,410 Surface emitting semiconductor laser, its manufacturing method, and manufacturing method of electron device
60 7,858,254 Electrochemical energy generating apparatus and method of driving the same
61 7,858,221 Lead terminal and power supply device
62 7,857,991 Dichroic dye composition, and liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal element including dichroic dye
63 7,857,471 Optical sheet having bonded prism and polarizer sheets and display device
64 7,857,232 Two-dimensional bar code, information processing device, information processing method, and program
65 7,857,028 Mounting device for electrical component