Sony patents granted on 28 March 2006

38 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,020,839 Contents receiving system and contents receiving method
2 7,020,673 Reconfigurable arithmetic device and arithmetic system including that arithmetic device and address generation device and interleave device applicable to arithmetic system
3 7,020,650 Information processing system for e-mail, information processing method and program storage medium therefor
4 7,020,594 Electronic Kanban worksheet for the design and implementation of virtual or electronic Kanban systems
5 7,020,544 Vehicle information processing device, vehicle, and vehicle information processing method
6 7,020,287 Method and system for key insertion for stored encrypted content
7 7,020,283 Random number generation apparatus and random number generation method
8 7,020,196 Content supplying apparatus and method, and recording medium
9 7,020,121 Method and system for wireless digital multimedia transmission
10 7,020,118 System and method for activation of a wireless module
11 7,020,117 Command processing method and radio communication apparatus
12 7,020,059 Adjustment optical disc for optical pick-up, adjustment method for optical pick-up, and adjustment apparatus for optical pick-up
13 7,020,057 Apparatus and associated methodology of imparting content protection to optically recorded data for secure reproduction
14 7,020,033 Semiconductor memory apparatus and self-repair method
15 7,020,010 Magnetic storage apparatus using ferromagnetic tunnel junction devices
16 7,019,931 Tape drive apparatus
17 7,019,899 Screen, optical film, and method of manufacturing an optical film
18 7,019,784 Information processing apparatus
19 7,019,780 Stereoscopic zoom lens with shutter arranged between first and second lens groups
20 7,019,750 Display status modifying apparatus and method, display status modifying program and storage medium storing the same, picture providing apparatus and method, picture providing program and storage medium storing the same, and picture providing system
21 7,019,717 Active-matrix display, active-matrix organic electroluminescence display, and methods of driving them
22 7,019,567 Sine wave generation circuit
23 7,019,490 Battery pack with case for secondary battery
24 7,019,393 Electric circuit substrate
25 7,019,205 Entertainment system, entertainment apparatus, recording medium, and program
26 7,018,118 Hub and detectable spool
27 7,018,055 Image projecting device and image projecting method
28 7,018,045 Image display apparatus and image display method
29 7,017,810 IC card and IC card system
30 7,017,738 Computer peripheral packaging assembly for computer system
31 D518,080 Video camera
32 D518,065 Audio player
33 D518,021 Combined disc player and camera
34 D518,020 Combined video tape recorder and disc player
35 D518,018 Disc player
36 D518,016 Disc player
37 D517,990 System connector
38 D517,850 Case for a disc cartridge