Sony patents granted on 28 October 2008

28 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D579,489 Printer
2 7,444,525 Methods and apparatus for reducing leakage current in a disabled SOI circuit
3 7,444,460 Data storage device, method for updating management information in data storage device, and computer program
4 7,444,449 Method, computer program product and computer system for controlling execution of an interruption routine
5 7,444,421 Data storage method and system, data recording controlling apparatus, data recording commanding apparatus, data receiving apparatus, and information processing terminal
6 7,444,339 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, storage medium, and program
7 7,444,160 Silent mode for mobile terminal push-to-talk
8 7,444,158 Communication apparatus and method, and program thereof
9 7,444,076 Image device and method for driving optical system
10 7,444,063 Information-recording apparatus, information-recording method, information-reproducing apparatus, information-reproducing method, and information-recording medium
11 7,444,026 Image processing apparatus and method of motion vector detection in a moving picture, and recording medium used therewith
12 7,443,984 Information processing system and method for distributing encrypted message data
13 7,443,982 Watermarking and transferring material
14 7,443,882 Data sharing system, transmitting terminal apparatus, transmitting terminal apparatus controlling method, receiving terminal apparatus, receiving terminal apparatus controlling method, and recording medium
15 7,443,785 Selective error correction for ad hoc networks having multiple communication modes
16 7,443,780 Optical pickup device and optical disk device having a diffraction element so that a first light beam and a second light beam comport with each other
17 7,443,722 Semiconductor device and driving method therefor
18 7,443,690 Adapter device, memory device and integrated circuit chip
19 7,443,590 Imaging apparatus and method, and method for designing imaging apparatus
20 7,443,566 Low power, configurable display for mobile devices
21 7,443,442 Image apparatus and method for compensating for high and low luminance image portions via exposure control and gamma correction
22 7,443,433 Pixel compensating circuit, method for compensating pixels, and image taking apparatus employing such pixel compensating circuit
23 7,443,385 Data processing
24 7,443,363 Compact dielectric resonator antenna
25 7,442,973 Solid-state imaging device and production method therefor
26 7,442,469 Cathode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
27 7,442,062 Fluorescent tube connector device, light source device, and display
28 7,442,046 Flexible circuit connectors