Sony patents granted on 28 October 2014

80 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,205 IC chip and information processing terminal
2 D716,361 Lens-style camera
3 D716,274 Stereo headset
4 8,875,241 Optical media protection driver
5 8,875,204 Information processor, information processing method and program
6 8,875,182 Data broadcast processing device, method and program having features that prevent simultaneous execution of imcompatible processes
7 8,875,175 Smart live streaming event ads playback and resume method
8 8,875,169 Transmission and reception apparatus, methods, and systems for filtering content
9 8,875,056 Display device and display method
10 8,875,045 Display control device, display control method, and program
11 8,875,044 Image processing apparatus, image display method, and image display program
12 8,875,017 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
13 8,874,978 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, controlling method for information processing apparatus and program
14 8,874,895 Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transmitting method, and data receiving method
15 8,874,756 Information processing unit, information processing method, client device and information processing system
16 8,874,669 Synchronizing messages on connected devices
17 8,874,575 Media fingerprinting for social networking
18 8,874,573 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
19 8,874,393 Battery pack, electronic device, and inspection method of battery pack
20 8,874,176 Information processing device, position recording method, and program
21 8,874,166 Communication terminals with pull-based digital information distribution capability and pull-based methods for digital information distribution
22 8,874,033 Communication apparatus, communication method, and program
23 8,873,937 Audiovisual data transmission system and audiovisual data transmission method
24 8,873,934 CPS unit management in the disc for downloaded data
25 8,873,886 Apparatus and method for displaying a region of an image in an enlarged manner, and program therefor
26 8,873,878 Image processing apparatus and method with reduced processing load
27 8,873,873 Image decoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive decoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
28 8,873,871 Image processing apparatus and method
29 8,873,870 Image encoding apparatus and method for handling intra-image predictive encoding with various color spaces and color signal resolutions
30 8,873,833 System and method for effectively performing a scene representation procedure
31 8,873,808 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
32 8,873,800 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
33 8,873,778 Sound processing apparatus, sound image localization method and sound image localization program
34 8,873,761 Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method
35 8,873,756 System for transmitting a data signal in a network, method, mobile transmitting device and network device
36 8,873,679 Reception apparatus and method, program and reception system
37 8,873,651 OFDM generation apparatus in a multi-carrier data transmission system
38 8,873,521 Methods of determining information regarding remote user terminals and related systems and computer program products
39 8,873,517 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method and computer program
40 8,873,414 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
41 8,873,397 Transmission control apparatus and transmission control method
42 8,873,358 Skew detection method and optical disc device
43 8,873,357 Recording management apparatus, recording management method, and program
44 8,873,281 Memory element and memory device
45 8,873,257 Power supply apparatus with drive control signal inversion based upon resonance current level detection
46 8,873,152 Liquid optical element array and display
47 8,873,039 Non-linear Raman spectroscopy apparatus, non-linear system, and non-linear raman spectroscopy method
48 8,872,975 Receiving device, display controlling method, and program
49 8,872,967 Imaging unit and installation device
50 8,872,958 Image display device, image pickup apparatus, image display control method, and program
51 8,872,953 Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing method thereof, camera, and electronic device
52 8,872,945 Zoom lens and image pickup unit
53 8,872,941 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
54 8,872,935 Imaging apparatus and imaging operation processing method
55 8,872,929 Picture imaging apparatus and imaging control method
56 8,872,902 Stereoscopic video processing device and method for modifying a parallax value, and program
57 8,872,890 Method and receiver for enabling switching involving a 3D video signal
58 8,872,888 Content transmission apparatus, content transmission method, content reproduction apparatus, content reproduction method, program and content delivery system
59 8,872,867 Signal processing device, signal processing method, display device, and electronic apparatus
60 8,872,842 Display device and electronics apparatus
61 8,872,826 System and method for decoupled ray marching for production ray tracking in inhomogeneous participating media
62 8,872,821 Information display device and display image control method
63 8,872,794 Information processing apparatus
64 8,872,760 Recording and reproducing apparatus
65 8,872,740 Display apparatus and display apparatus driving method
66 8,872,423 Organic electroluminescent device and display device
67 8,872,415 Substrate, display panel, and display apparatus
68 8,872,383 Contactless power receiving apparatus, power receiving method for contactless power receiving apparatus and contactless power supplying system
69 8,872,293 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same and electronic apparatus
70 8,872,200 Display device and electronic apparatus
71 8,872,087 Imaging device, driving method and electronic apparatus with electric potential applied outside exposure period
72 8,872,039 Conductive element and method for producing the same, wiring element, information input device, display device, electronic apparatus, and master
73 8,871,672 Platinum-containing catalyst and method of producing the same, electrode and electrochemical device
74 8,871,633 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
75 8,871,585 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
76 8,871,403 Fuel cell stack system, channel structure, fuel cell, electrode and electronic device
77 8,871,383 Cell
78 8,870,661 Cloud-based game slice generation and frictionless social sharing with instant play
79 8,870,654 Gaming controller
80 8,870,509 Attachment structure and display apparatus