Sony patents granted on 29 April 2008

50 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D567,835 Camera
2 D567,814 Ergonomic game interface device with LEDs
3 D567,813 Computer
4 D567,798 IC recorder
5 7,366,963 Data recording/reproduction device, data recording/reproduction method, and digital camera
6 7,366,907 Information processing device and method and program storage medium
7 7,366,863 Memory control apparatus, the program and method, and reproduction apparatus
8 7,366,775 Data transmission protocol and visual display for a networked computer system
9 7,366,753 Information processing system, apparatus and method for processing information, and program
10 7,366,744 File management device and file management method
11 7,366,739 Data storage system
12 7,366,700 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a decoding key encoded with specific information to decode encrypted information of a record medium
13 7,366,699 Electronic money system, electronic money terminal device, and information card
14 7,366,687 Donation processing system
15 7,366,661 Information extracting device
16 7,366,660 Transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus, reception method, and transmission/reception apparatus
17 7,366,629 High frequency module board device
18 7,366,587 Legged mobile robot
19 7,366,554 Reduction of near field E-M scattering using high impedance coating materials
20 7,366,501 Mobile using method, system and computer program to access and receive information from multiple servers
21 7,366,406 Video-recording system, meta-data addition apparatus, imaging apparatus, video-signal recording apparatus, video-recording method, and meta-data format
22 7,366,399 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and program used therewith
23 7,366,375 Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method thereof, optical information processing apparatus, and electronic equipment
24 7,366,302 Apparatus and method for an iterative cryptographic block
25 7,366,269 False lock detection circuit and false lock detection method, PLL circuit and clock data recovery method, communication device and communication method, and optical disk reproducing device and optical disk reproducing method
26 7,366,221 Laser apparatus and method of driving diffraction grating
27 7,366,162 Reception apparatus and reception method
28 7,366,107 Portable electronic devices including attaching circuits and methods of operating the same
29 7,366,071 Data recording method and device, data recording medium, data reproduction method and device
30 7,366,066 Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, information recording medium, and program storage medium with overwrite protection features limiting the possible number of rewrites
31 7,365,952 Battery pack having a protection circuit
32 7,365,946 Recorder/reproducer
33 7,365,821 Liquid crystal display having dummy bump connected to dummy lead for heat reduction
34 7,365,808 Electronic device having a display
35 7,365,801 Apparatus and method for processing signal
36 7,365,800 Method for pre-processing image data
37 7,365,782 Image pickup device and method for enabling switching between a first recording medium and a second recording medium
38 7,365,718 Light emitting element drive apparatus and portable apparatus using the same
39 7,365,657 Data identification method and apparatus
40 7,365,656 Data identification method and apparatus
41 7,365,642 Semiconductor integrated circuit, mobile module, and message communication method
42 7,365,599 Glitch-free controllable RF power amplifier
43 7,365,517 Calculating remaining battery capacity based on battery-side end voltage and device-side end voltage
44 7,365,508 Motor, actuator and controller thereof
45 7,365,372 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
46 7,365,358 Semiconductor thin film and method of fabricating semiconductor thin film, apparatus for fabricating single crystal semiconductor thin film, and method of fabricating single crystal thin film, single crystal thin film substrate, and semiconductor device
47 7,364,805 Crystal film, crystal substrate, and semiconductor device
48 7,364,477 Low profile circuit board connector
49 7,364,309 Image projector and image projecting method
50 7,364,308 Projector apparatus