Sony patents granted on 29 April 2014

70 US patents granted on 29 April 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D703,694 Portion of display panel or screen with an icon
2 8,713,625 Delivery of captions, content advisory and other data through digital interface
3 8,713,614 Audiovisual multi-room support
4 8,713,598 Electronic device and control method therein
5 8,713,585 Communication apparatus, communication method, and program for exchanging data with a target
6 8,713,345 Apparatus with a local timing circuit that generates a multi-phase timing signal for a digital signal processing circuit
7 8,713,126 Information-provision control method, information reproduction system, information-provision apparatus, information reproduction apparatus and information-presentation control program
8 8,713,069 Playlist search device, playlist search method and program
9 8,713,011 Navigation apparatus, search result display method, and graphical user interface
10 8,713,008 Apparatus and method for information processing, program, and recording medium
11 8,712,936 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
12 8,712,773 Method and system for modeling a common-language speech recognition, by a computer, under the influence of a plurality of dialects
13 8,712,756 Character input device and program for displaying next word candidates based on the candidates’ usage history
14 8,712,565 Data output apparatus and data output method
15 8,712,483 Wake-up radio system
16 8,712,418 Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication system
17 8,712,223 Authoring method, authoring device and program
18 8,712,212 Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, program, and recording/producing apparatus
19 8,712,209 Playback device, playback method, and computer program
20 8,712,182 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
21 8,712,108 Information processing apparatus, information outputting method and computer program storage device
22 8,712,106 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
23 8,712,064 Signal processing device, signal processing method and program
24 8,712,057 Apparatus and method for an iterative cryptographic block
25 8,712,048 Information recording medium and information processing method for accessing content with license or copyright protection
26 8,712,025 Communication terminal, communication system, server apparatus, and communication connecting method
27 8,711,953 Method for transmitting a signal from a transmitter to a receiver in a power line communication network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
28 8,711,950 Apparatus and method for adapted deblocking filtering strength
29 8,711,933 Random access point (RAP) formation using intra refreshing technique in video coding
30 8,711,931 Picture information coding device and coding method
31 8,711,908 Interface circuit
32 8,711,884 Data communication system, data transmitting apparatus, data transmitting method, and method for determining packet size and redundancy
33 8,711,800 Wireless communications system, wireless communications apparatus, wireless communications method and computer program for wireless communication
34 8,711,755 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and program
35 8,711,742 Wireless communication apparatus, a method of wireless communication, and a program for wireless communication
36 8,711,667 Recording device, recording method, and program
37 8,711,579 Switching power supply apparatus with overcurrent limiting and prolonged holding time
38 8,711,533 Semiconductor integrated circuit
39 8,711,478 Stereoscopic display
40 8,711,469 Electrophoretic element and display device
41 8,711,286 Image output method and device, and image display
42 8,711,280 Solid-state image sensing apparatus and electronic apparatus
43 8,711,263 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus with antireflection structure
44 8,711,261 Method of controlling semiconductor device, signal processing method, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
45 8,711,260 Image sensor, electronic apparatus, and driving method of electronic apparatus
46 8,711,256 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program to create a composite image from color image data and monochrome image data
47 8,711,253 Camera system, video processing apparatus, and camera apparatus
48 8,711,249 Method of and apparatus for image denoising
49 8,711,236 Blur correction device and imaging apparatus
50 8,711,229 Image processing unit, image processing method and program
51 8,711,182 Information processing apparatus and display control method
52 8,711,169 Image browsing device, computer control method and information recording medium
53 8,711,151 Hair motion compositor system for use in a hair/fur pipeline
54 8,711,122 Sensor apparatus and information processing apparatus
55 8,711,114 Touch-sensitive device and communication device
56 8,711,104 Pointer display device, pointer display/detection method, pointer display/detection program and information apparatus
57 8,711,064 Digital signal processing apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, digital signal processing method and computer program
58 8,711,039 Antenna module and wireless communication apparatus
59 8,710,662 Light-reflective anisotropic conductive paste and light-emitting device
60 8,710,608 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
61 8,710,559 Solid-state imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus, and electronic apparatus
62 8,710,482 Memory component and memory device
63 8,710,418 Solid-state image capture device and image capture apparatus
64 8,710,412 Focus information generating device and focus information generating method
65 8,709,958 Solid-state image pickup element, method of manufacturing the same, and image pickup apparatus including the same
66 8,709,661 Positive electrode for secondary battery, and secondary battery
67 8,709,634 Battery loading and unloading mechanism
68 8,709,633 Battery loading and unloading mechanism
69 8,709,569 Optical recording medium, and method for producing optical recording medium
70 8,708,763 Method of manufacturing display unit