Sony patents granted on 29 August 2006

42 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,100,194 Method and system for minimizing the time required to acquire a control channel of a cable television signal with a set-top unit
2 7,100,186 Default source setup for channel numbers
3 7,100,179 Recording medium driving device
4 7,100,105 Information processing method and apparatus
5 7,100,044 Public key certificate using system, public key certificate using method, information processing apparatus, and program providing medium
6 7,100,023 System and method for processing complex computer instructions
7 7,100,010 Tape drive apparatus, recording and/or reproducing method, and recording medium
8 7,099,920 Method and system for creating an e-mail by automatically constituting a text and an attached file of the e-mail basing on at least one words or sentences and picture stored in a single picture file
9 7,099,846 Apparatus and system for providing fee-based content
10 7,099,826 Text-to-speech synthesis system
11 7,099,747 Motion editing apparatus and method for robot device, and computer program
12 7,099,742 Device for controlling robot behavior and method for controlling it
13 7,099,724 Information processing system
14 7,099,676 System and method for location and motion detection in a home wireless network
15 7,099,569 Method and apparatus for efficiently allocating memory when switching between DVD audio and DVD video
16 7,099,568 Information playback apparatus and electronic pop advertising apparatus
17 7,099,558 Recording medium editing apparatus based on content supply source
18 7,099,557 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and editing method
19 7,099,527 Optical waveguide switch and method of manufacturing the same
20 7,099,490 Information providing system and identification information adding device
21 7,099,479 Information transmission system, transmitter, and transmission method as well as information reception system, receiver and reception method
22 7,099,364 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser device array and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,099,300 Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
24 7,099,259 Exposure apparatus, exposure method, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing method
25 7,099,258 Optical recording medium, recording apparatus and method for optical recording medium, and reproducing apparatus and method for optical recording medium
26 7,099,247 Disk drive apparatus
27 7,099,243 Optical pickup apparatus, optical disc apparatus, and tracking control method thereof
28 7,099,234 Low power sleep mode operation technique for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices and integrated circuit devices incorporating embedded DRAM
29 7,099,153 Heat dissipating structure for an electronic device
30 7,099,124 Magnetoresistive-effect thin film, magnetoresistive-effect element, and magnetoresistive-effect magnetic head
31 7,099,119 Magnetic head, method for recording/reproducing tape-like magnetic recording medium, and rotary magnetic head mechanism
32 7,098,962 Special effect image generating apparatus
33 7,098,883 Liquid crystal display drive method
34 7,098,820 Data recording method
35 7,098,777 Electronic equipment communications system and repeater
36 7,098,504 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and production method therefor
37 7,098,267 Polyamic acid varnish composition and a flexible printed board
38 7,098,132 Method of manufacturing flexible wiring board
39 7,098,085 Method and apparatus for forming a thin semiconductor film, method and apparatus for producing a semiconductor device, and electro-optical apparatus
40 7,097,941 Solid electrolytic secondary battery
41 7,097,938 Negative electrode material and battery using the same
42 7,097,354 Method of determining the temperature in a system comprising a molecular heater fraction and a molecular thermometer fraction