Sony patents granted on 29 July 2008

40 US patents granted on 29 July 2008 and assigned to Sony

1 D574,029 Camera
2 D574,027 Video camera
3 D574,015 Digital audio player
4 D573,986 Support for arithmetic and control unit
5 D573,976 Amplifier for car
6 7,406,712 Communication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium used therewith
7 7,406,706 Method and system for devices efficiently sharing information regarding the content of a digital television bit-stream
8 7,406,704 Virtual channel system for web appliance, including interactive television
9 7,406,649 Semiconductor memory device and signal processing system
10 7,406,570 Multisystem network, and device and method for access to data storage
11 7,406,355 Method for generating playback sound, electronic device, and entertainment system for generating playback sound
12 7,406,331 Use of multi-function switches for camera zoom functionality on a mobile phone
13 7,406,323 Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information processing apparatus and method
14 7,406,301 Modulation-demodulation apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
15 7,406,253 Picked up image recording system, signal recording device, and signal recording method
16 7,406,213 Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program
17 7,406,177 Recording medium, recording method, recording apparatus, and reproduction method
18 7,406,175 Key generator device, encoding/decoding device, and key generation method
19 7,406,095 Data processing apparatus and method with packet parsing
20 7,406,075 Crossbar switch, method for controlling operation thereof, and program for controlling operation thereof
21 7,406,016 Optical disk apparatus and control method for controlling distance between a head and a disk
22 7,405,919 Electronic circuit having transmission line type noise filter
23 7,405,895 Recording-reproducing apparatus and method of detecting dew condensation in recording-reproducing apparatus
24 7,405,887 Zoom lens and imaging device using zoom lens
25 7,405,793 Discotic liquid crystal based electronic device using interdigit structure electrode
26 7,405,768 Apparatus and method for determining image region
27 7,405,735 Texture unit, image rendering apparatus and texel transfer method for transferring texels in a batch
28 7,405,731 Information processing system and method
29 7,405,728 Portable information terminal, program, and recording medium having the program recorded therein
30 7,405,722 Portable telephone
31 7,405,720 Analog buffer circuit, display device and portable terminal
32 7,405,711 Fixed-pixel display device and cold cathode field electron emission display device
33 7,405,709 Magnetic core member, antenna module, and mobile communication terminal having the same
34 7,405,701 Multi-band bent monopole antenna
35 7,405,691 Analog-to-digital conversion circuit
36 7,405,509 Lever-arm displacement-increasing device
37 7,405,499 Waveform generating apparatus, waveform generating method, and decoder
38 7,405,005 Display apparatus and antireflection substance
39 7,404,998 Synthetic resin card and method of producing the same
40 7,404,518 Controller, control method, and program