Sony patents granted on 29 June 2010

57 US patents granted on 29 June 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 D618,689 Supporting base for portable electronic device
2 D618,656 Mobile phone
3 7,747,921 Systems and methods for transmitting data over lossy networks
4 7,747,853 IP delivery of secure digital content
5 7,747,775 Peer-to-peer data relay
6 7,747,700 System and method for referencing AV data accumulated in AV server
7 7,747,696 Content-related information providing apparatus, content related information providing method, electronic bulletin board system, and computer program
8 7,747,687 Information processing device and method, and program
9 7,747,656 Data management apparatus
10 7,747,532 Content use management system, content playback apparatus, content use management method, content playback method, and computer program including system date/time information validation
11 7,747,435 Information retrieving method and apparatus
12 7,747,383 Offset detection of acceleration sensor and navigation system
13 7,747,337 Apparatus and method for managing audio data and recording apparatus
14 7,747,279 Interface negotiation
15 7,747,255 System and method for dynamic bandwidth estimation of network links
16 7,747,226 Portable electronic devices including multi-mode matching circuits and methods of operating the same
17 7,747,218 Communication system and method, and information processing apparatus and method
18 7,747,160 Intelligent red eye removal
19 7,747,144 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, control
20 7,747,137 Method of and system for recording image information and method of and system for encoding image information
21 7,747,132 Method and system for displaying multiple media content instances during a single viewing session
22 7,747,113 Optical device and virtual image display device
23 7,747,103 Image matching system, program, and image matching method
24 7,747,069 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
25 7,747,027 Method of generating test tone signal and test-tone-signal generating circuit
26 7,747,011 Encryption device, encryption method, and computer program
27 7,746,964 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
28 7,746,948 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
29 7,746,943 Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
30 7,746,930 Motion prediction compensating device and its method
31 7,746,889 Storage device and method of controlling access
32 7,746,873 Communication processing system, communication processing method, communication terminal, data transfer controller, and program
33 7,746,857 Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, program, and communications system
34 7,746,842 Wireless communication apparatus, a method of wireless communication, and a program for wireless communication
35 7,746,759 Pilot pattern design for an OFDM system
36 7,746,751 Recording medium, data recording device and method, data reproducing device and method, program, and recording medium
37 7,746,747 Optical recording medium drive apparatus and method of determining the number of layers
38 7,746,738 Data processing method, information recording medium manufacturing management system, recording data generation apparatus and method, and computer program
39 7,746,627 Portable electronic apparatus with improved audio quality through a curved and sloped surface of a housing
40 7,746,394 Pixel array and image processing apparatus for image-capturing
41 7,746,387 Methods and systems for synthesizing pickup images
42 7,746,386 Image pickup device and method
43 7,746,384 Image data recorder, image data recording method, and program
44 7,746,359 Signal processing device and signal processing method, and program and recording medium
45 7,746,342 Drawing processing apparatus, texture processing apparatus, and tessellation method
46 7,746,308 Liquid crystal display and portable terminal having the same
47 7,746,290 Adaptive antenna matching
48 7,746,278 Antenna arrangement
49 7,746,133 Charge pump circuit
50 7,745,793 Infrared signal receiver, liquid crystal display and optical element
51 7,745,731 Transmission cable
52 7,745,058 Non-aqueous solvent, non-aqueous electrolyte compositions, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
53 7,745,050 Separator and non-aqueous electrolyte battery
54 7,745,004 Polymer-coated magnetic particle and magnetic material for absorbing electromagnetic waves
55 7,744,979 Compositions for protective films for optical discs
56 7,744,770 Device transfer method
57 7,744,423 USB connector conversion device