Sony patents granted on 29 March 2011

61 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D635,137 Wireless data transmitter
2 D635,124 Headphone
3 7,917,964 Method and apparatus for processing information, method and apparatus for manufacturing information recording medium, information recording medium, and computer program
4 7,917,960 Transmitter, signal transfer method, data distribution system and method of same, data receiver, data provider and method of same, and data transferer
5 7,917,930 Information signal transmission system and remote control device for the same
6 7,917,917 Tray ejecting mechanism and medium drive device that prevents an ejection switch from being pressed when an ejectable tray is open
7 7,917,687 Flash memory apparatus and access method to flash memory
8 7,917,667 Methods and apparatus for allocating DMA activity between a plurality of entities
9 7,917,572 Music composition data transmission recording method and music composition reproduction device
10 7,917,531 Information processing apparatus
11 7,917,442 System and method for relaxing media access restrictions over time
12 7,917,390 System and method for providing customized advertisements over a network
13 7,917,236 Virtual sound source device and acoustic device comprising the same
14 7,917,178 Wireless communications device with voice-to-text conversion
15 7,917,172 Accessory for a portable electronic device
16 7,917,141 Method for tuning a system to a plurality of service signals
17 7,917,098 Configurable frequency band elimination for powerline network
18 7,917,096 Antenna interface circuits including multiple impedance matching networks that are respectively associated with multiple frequency bands and electronic devices incorporating the same
19 7,917,089 System and method for managing wireless connections in computer
20 7,917,086 Charger, electronic instrument, and charging system
21 7,917,020 Information processing device and method, photographing device, and program
22 7,916,994 Signal processing apparatus
23 7,916,977 Data processing apparatus, data processing method and recording medium
24 7,916,970 Image processing apparatus, method of same, and program for same
25 7,916,903 Personal identification device, personal identification method, updating method for identification dictionary data, and updating program for identification dictionary data
26 7,916,610 Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, information recording method, information reproducing method, and optical information recording medium
27 7,916,606 Information recording medium, mastering device, identification information recording device, identification information reproduction device, mastering method, identification information recording method, and identification information reproduction method
28 7,916,602 Optical recording and reproducing apparatus and optical recording and reproducing method
29 7,916,600 Optical writing device, optical reading device, recording-medium writing method, including wobble signal evaluation features
30 7,916,596 Optical disc device, control method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium
31 7,916,593 Optical disk device and method of control of an optical disk utilizing retry feature
32 7,916,585 Optical disc drive and method of controlling focal position
33 7,916,584 Recording-and-reproducing apparatus and content-managing method
34 7,916,556 Semiconductor memory device, sense amplifier circuit and memory cell reading method using a threshold correction circuitry
35 7,916,326 System and method for efficient transfer of image data to a service provider
36 7,916,211 Imaging apparatus and lock mechanism
37 7,916,209 Image capturing apparatus, light metering method, luminance calculation method, and program
38 7,916,203 Image capture apparatus and prism assembly and method of manufacturing the same
39 7,916,195 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus and camera
40 7,916,191 Image processing apparatus, method, program, and recording medium
41 7,916,183 Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
42 7,916,181 Method and device for creating high dynamic range pictures from multiple exposures
43 7,916,101 LED driving apparatus and method of controlling luminous power
44 7,915,980 Coax core insulator waveguide
45 7,915,835 Imaging apparatus, strobe device, and charging-control method
46 7,915,816 Organic electroluminescence display device comprising auxiliary wiring
47 7,915,794 Piezoelectric device having a tension stress, and angular velocity sensor
48 7,915,657 Semiconductor integrated circuit
49 7,915,648 Light-receiving element and display device
50 7,915,640 Heterojunction semiconductor device and method of manufacturing
51 7,915,625 Semiconductor light emitting device
52 7,915,620 Light-emitting device, electronic apparatus, and light-emitting device manufacturing method
53 7,915,576 Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
54 7,915,574 Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
55 7,915,098 Method of fabricating display device and display device
56 7,915,076 Hybrid module and method of manufacturing the same
57 7,914,924 Stacked battery pack housing
58 7,914,310 Universal serial bus connector with antenna capabilities
59 7,913,962 Suction cup
60 7,913,914 Connector device
61 7,913,894 Selective soldering system