Sony patents granted on 29 March 2016

39 US patents granted on 29 March 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,301,338 Wireless communications devices configured for multiple radio access technologies and related methods and systems
2 9,301,309 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, and communication system
3 9,301,262 Power control method and mobile communication terminal
4 9,301,255 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
5 9,301,074 Display unit
6 9,301,014 Handheld terminal, information providing method, information processing program, information providing server, broadcasting reception apparatus, and information providing system
7 9,300,955 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
8 9,300,896 Method, computer-readable storage medium, reception apparatus, and information providing apparatus for identifying available channels and/or services
9 9,300,882 Device and method for panoramic image processing
10 9,300,858 Control device and storage medium for controlling capture of images
11 9,300,754 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
12 9,300,515 Data processing apparatus and method
13 9,300,514 OFDM generation apparatus in a multi-carrier data transmission system
14 9,300,499 Transmission apparatus and method using pre-distortion
15 9,300,466 Transmitting device, receiving device, transmitting method, receiving method, and program
16 9,300,146 Power supply device, communication terminal device, and non-contact power transmission method
17 9,300,145 Wireless power transmission apparatus
18 9,299,932 Solid-state assembly of layers and an electric device comprising such assembly
19 9,299,916 Memory element and memory device
20 9,299,867 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus
21 9,299,762 Display device, method for driving the same, and electronic apparatus
22 9,299,378 Magnetic recording medium having a recording layer with a diffraction peak of magnetic atoms
23 9,299,349 Voice control device, voice control method and program
24 9,299,298 Display unit
25 9,299,184 Simulating performance of virtual camera
26 9,299,011 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, output apparatus, output method, and program for learning and restoring signals with sparse coefficients
27 9,298,987 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
28 9,298,977 Information processing device, information processing method, and program for recognizing facial expression and permitting use of equipment based on the recognized facial emotion expression
29 9,298,969 Information processing device and storage medium, for replacing a face image
30 9,298,820 Digest video generation apparatus
31 9,298,809 System, apparatus, and method for recommending items
32 9,298,444 Software updating method and portable terminal device
33 9,298,414 Information processing apparatus and storage medium
34 9,298,289 Method and apparatus for adjusting a function of an electronic device
35 9,298,258 Display apparatus and control method
36 9,298,210 Clock gating circuit and bus system
37 9,298,015 Image blur correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
38 9,297,838 Power supply monitoring circuit, AC/DC conversion apparatus and control method of power supply monitoring circuit
39 9,295,912 Game aim assist