Sony patents granted on 29 May 2007

53 US patents granted on 29 May 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,225,457 Information supply apparatus, information utilization apparatus, information manipulation apparatus, information supply system, information supply method, information utilization method and recording medium
2 7,225,456 Gateway screen for interactive television
3 7,225,388 Error correction encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses for DVI audio data
4 7,225,341 Memory access control system and management method using access control ticket
5 7,225,339 Information recording/playback apparatus and method
6 7,225,335 Encryption apparatus
7 7,225,214 Digital filter realization
8 7,225,164 Method and apparatus for implementing revocation in broadcast networks
9 7,225,163 Recording/reproducing device and recording/reproducing method
10 7,225,158 Image commercial transactions system and method
11 7,225,127 Method for recognizing speech
12 7,225,101 Electronic device, signal compensation device and signal compensation method
13 7,225,004 Mobile communication terminal
14 7,224,963 System method and computer program product for managing themes in a mobile phone
15 7,224,961 Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
16 7,224,953 Receiving device and television receiver
17 7,224,890 Apparatus and method for image coding and decoding
18 7,224,889 Editing apparatus and data editing method
19 7,224,846 Image coding apparatus and method, and program and recording medium
20 7,224,816 Waved/corrugated and stepped surface design for speaker box, and method of standardization of speaker box assemblies for television of different screen sizes
21 7,224,804 Information processing device, information processing method, and program storage medium
22 7,224,736 Adaptive clocking mechanism for digital video decoder
23 7,224,734 Video data encoding apparatus and method for removing a continuous repeat field from the video data
24 7,224,732 Motion vector conversion method and conversion apparatus of interlaced MPEG-2 to progressive MPEG-4
25 7,224,675 Alternative frequency strategy for DRM
26 7,224,665 Optical recording medium its manufacturing method and injection molding apparatus
27 7,224,656 Disc detection device and associated method
28 7,224,544 Method and device for recording data and erasing servo data
29 7,224,396 Still image pickup device and pickup method
30 7,224,385 Video camera with multiple microphones and audio processor producing one signal for recording
31 7,224,374 Monitoring system and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
32 7,224,369 Image processing apparatus and method of same
33 7,224,350 Video display apparatus and video display method
34 7,224,343 Input apparatus, portable electronic device and input method for a portable electronic device
35 7,224,323 Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communication method
36 7,224,307 Electronic device
37 7,224,282 Control apparatus and method for controlling an environment based on bio-information and environment information
38 7,224,221 Power amplification apparatus, and mobile communication terminal apparatus
39 7,224,215 Intelligent RF power control for wireless modem devices
40 7,224,200 Level shift circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal
41 7,224,115 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,224,114 Display device and display unit using the same
43 7,223,495 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
44 7,223,494 Method for preventing erroneous mounting of mounting part on main body device, mounting part and battery pack used for this
45 7,223,367 Chemical sensor arrangement
46 7,223,349 Method and apparatus for surface processing of printed wiring board
47 7,222,974 Light source device and projection type display device
48 7,222,944 Method of manufacturing printer head and method of manufacturing electrostatic actuator
49 7,222,927 Liquid discharge device and liquid discharge method
50 7,222,795 Loading device for storage medium having connection terminal
51 7,222,409 Method of manufacturing a small vibration motor
52 D543,534 Speaker box
53 D543,532 Combined disc recorder, hard disc drive and video tape recorder