Sony patents granted on 29 May 2012

68 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D660,836 Computer
2 8,191,154 License management in a media network environment
3 8,191,150 Method and arrangement relating to a communication device
4 8,191,103 Real-time bookmarking of streaming media assets
5 8,191,090 Communication apparatus, communication system, and method of same
6 8,191,055 Method and software for optimising the positioning of software functions in a memory
7 8,191,026 Semiconductor integrated circuit and switch arranging and wiring method
8 8,191,014 Information processing apparatus, display control method and program
9 8,190,993 Menu selection using a rotating dial and button
10 8,190,910 Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, and information recording medium
11 8,190,907 Process and apparatus for automatically identifying user of consumer electronics
12 8,190,882 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
13 8,190,786 Data receiver, data transmitter, and information processing method, and computer program
14 8,190,762 Electronic apparatus, content reproduction method, and program
15 8,190,759 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus and transmission/reception apparatus for image and/or audio data and other than image and/or audio data
16 8,190,709 Content data providing server, content data providing system and method, and terminal unit
17 8,190,695 Remote control system and remote control method, device for performing remote control operation and control method therefor, device operable by remote control operation and control method therefor, and storage medium
18 8,190,617 Information transmitting apparatus, terminal apparatus and method thereof
19 8,190,607 Method for tagging media content, portable electronic device, and computer program
20 8,190,529 Information processing system, information communication terminal and method, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program for internet transaction
21 8,190,433 Structure for grammar and dictionary representation in voice recognition and method for simplifying link and node-generated grammars
22 8,190,326 On-vehicle apparatus and content providing method
23 8,190,184 Content reproduction system, content reproduction apparatus and content reproduction method
24 8,190,132 Number to a name
25 8,190,097 Systems, methods, and computer program products for determining performance of portable electronic devices
26 8,190,018 Image capturing device and activation method therefor
27 8,190,000 Recording apparatus, recording method, and recording program
28 8,189,960 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and recording medium
29 8,189,953 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 8,189,932 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
31 8,189,928 Content management apparatus, image display apparatus, image pickup apparatus, processing method and program for causing computer to execute processing method
32 8,189,794 System and method for effectively performing data restore/migration procedures
33 8,189,782 Modular broadcast receiver system and method
34 8,189,679 Content receiving apparatus, method of controlling video-audio output timing and content providing system
35 8,189,677 Estimation of P frame average rate quantization parameter (QP) in a group of pictures (GOP)
36 8,189,674 Decoding method, program for decoding method, recording medium with recorded program for decoding method, and decoding device
37 8,189,665 Editing apparatus, editing method, editing program, and editing system
38 8,189,658 Video-information encoding method and video-information decoding method
39 8,189,638 Laser diode device
40 8,189,320 Capacitative element
41 8,189,266 Optical element
42 8,189,250 Recording/playback apparatus, recording apparatus, playback apparatus, recording/playback method, recording method, and playback method
43 8,189,157 Liquid crystal display device and process for manufacturing the same
44 8,189,145 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
45 8,189,144 Liquid crystal display having a patterned retardation film and method for manufacturing the same
46 8,189,120 Non-programmable universal remote system and method
47 8,189,083 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same and imaging apparatus
48 8,189,080 Orientation-based approach for forming a demosaiced image, and for color correcting and zooming the demosaiced image
49 8,188,994 Power consumption detection apparatus, power consumption control apparatus, image processing apparatus, self-luminous display apparatus, electronic device, power consumption detection method, power consumption control method, and computer program
50 8,188,987 Display and imaging apparatus and object detecting method
51 8,188,977 Operation input device and character input device
52 8,188,968 Methods for interfacing with a program using a light input device
53 8,188,950 Temperature control for display device
54 8,188,944 Display device, method for driving same, and electronic apparatus
55 8,188,941 Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
56 8,188,851 Wake-up system and method for an electronic apparatus
57 8,188,523 Insulated gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing same, and image pickup device and method of manufacturing same
58 8,188,522 Back-illuminated type solid-state imaging device
59 8,188,519 Solid-state imaging device, drive method of solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
60 8,188,476 Organic EL display and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,187,728 Organic electroluminescent device and display device
62 8,187,726 Nanoparticle-resin composite material, light emitting device assembly, and filling material for the light-emitting device assembly
63 8,187,706 Adhesive composition
64 8,187,689 Optical recording medium having write once metal reflective film
65 8,187,542 Optical detection field having diamond-like carbon thin film formed therein
66 8,187,104 System and method for creating, editing, and sharing video content relating to video game events
67 8,187,095 Universal game console controller
68 8,186,015 Self-contained floating shaft hinge mechanism