Sony patents granted on 30 April 2013

60 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 RE44,185 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method, radio communication system, recording medium, and computer program
2 D681,092 3D eyeglasses
3 D681,053 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
4 D681,051 Display panel or screen with animated graphical user interface
5 D681,044 Display panel with graphical user interface
6 8,434,130 Authentication system, server apparatus and authentication method
7 8,434,109 Method and apparatus for image processing, program, and recording medium
8 8,434,106 Information processing system, server device, information processing method, and program
9 8,434,091 System and method for data synchronization for a computer architecture for broadband networks
10 8,434,036 Arithmetic program conversion apparatus, arithmetic program conversion method, and program
11 8,434,015 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
12 8,434,007 Multimedia reproduction apparatus, menu screen display method, menu screen display program, and computer readable recording medium recorded with menu screen display program
13 8,434,003 Touch control with dynamically determined buffer region and active perimeter
14 8,433,912 Authentication device, authentication method, program, and signature generation device
15 8,433,911 Management server, management method, management system for downloading of contents, and mobile devices
16 8,433,836 Centralized master-slave-communication control system and method with multi-channel communication on the same line
17 8,433,776 Method and arrangement for spread of applications
18 8,433,759 Direction-conscious information sharing
19 8,433,754 System, method and apparatus enabling exchange of list of content data items
20 8,433,738 Filtering apparatus, filtering method, program, and surround processor
21 8,433,555 Processor emulation using fragment level translation
22 8,433,259 Gyrator circuit, wide-band amplifier and radio communication apparatus
23 8,433,246 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, wireless communication method and program
24 8,433,183 Recording device and recording method
25 8,433,152 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
26 8,433,147 Encoding apparatus and method, and decoding apparatus and method
27 8,433,145 Coefficient learning apparatus and method, image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
28 8,433,139 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program for segmentation based on a degree of dispersion of pixels with a same characteristic quality
29 8,433,132 Method for efficient representation and processing of color pixel data in digital pathology images
30 8,432,977 Information processing apparatus and signal transmission method
31 8,432,971 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
32 8,432,967 Information processing apparatus and method for encoding image data to generate encoded data
33 8,432,964 Image processing device, method, and program
34 8,432,888 Wireless communication system, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
35 8,432,839 Bidirectional wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and bidirectional wireless communication method
36 8,432,591 Light irradiation device for recording information in a hologram recording medium
37 8,432,516 Resin composition and image display device
38 8,432,510 Liquid crystal display device and light detector having first and second TFT ambient light photo-sensors alternatively arranged on the same row
39 8,432,476 Media viewing
40 8,432,460 Flicker detection device, flicker elimination device, image pickup device, and flicker detection method
41 8,432,437 Display synchronization with actively shuttered glasses
42 8,432,418 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and display apparatus
43 8,432,412 Image display apparatus and driving method thereof, and image display apparatus assembly and driving method thereof
44 8,432,389 Panel and driving controlling method
45 8,432,360 Input apparatus, method and program
46 8,432,345 Display apparatus, layout method for a display apparatus and an electronic apparatus
47 8,432,316 High frequency device
48 8,432,235 Coupler and communication system
49 8,432,134 Electronic apparatus with remaining battery power indicating function
50 8,432,127 Battery device and electronic apparatus
51 8,432,010 Solid-state image pickup device, method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and electronic apparatus
52 8,431,976 Solid-state imaging device with channel stop region with multiple impurity regions in depth direction
53 8,431,918 Electronic device for a reconfigurable logic circuit
54 8,431,880 Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and imaging device
55 8,431,879 Solid-state imaging device and drive control method for the same
56 8,431,810 Tempo detection device, tempo detection method and program
57 8,431,654 Epoxy resin composition
58 8,431,265 Electric cell
59 8,431,051 Organic polymeric photon up-conversion nanoparticles for biological applications
60 8,430,299 Progress bar with multiple portions