Sony patents granted on 30 August 2011

63 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 D644,206 Portable speakers for mobile phone
2 D644,199 Headphone
3 8,011,015 Content access in a media network environment
4 8,010,959 System and method for updating device drivers
5 8,010,870 Coding apparatus and coding method
6 8,010,862 Multimedia content delivery using pre-stored multiple description coded video with restart
7 8,010,806 Information processing apparatus and method, information recording medium, and computer program
8 8,010,746 Data processing apparatus and shared memory accessing method
9 8,010,716 Methods and apparatus for supporting multiple configurations in a multi-processor system
10 8,010,665 Method of and apparatus for communicating data structures between devices in a networking environment
11 8,010,633 Multiple peer-to-peer relay networks
12 8,010,606 Dynamic bandwidth control
13 8,010,600 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and recording medium
14 8,010,596 Portable record and/or reproducing device, reproducing method, and recording/reproducing method
15 8,010,516 Content sharing system and content importance level judging method
16 8,010,489 Content communication system, content communication method, and communication terminal apparatus
17 8,010,486 Network media channels
18 8,010,358 Voice recognition with parallel gender and age normalization
19 8,010,338 Dynamic modification of a messaging language
20 8,010,279 Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system
21 8,010,135 Location notification method, location notification system, information processing apparatus, wireless communication apparatus, and program
22 8,010,129 Device and method for generating an alert signal
23 8,010,124 Methods, systems and computer program products for providing location determination information to an assisted location service
24 8,010,056 Method of selecting one of dual antennas
25 8,010,047 Radio communication system, radio communication device, and radio communication method
26 8,009,972 Imaging lens device and imaging apparatus
27 8,009,968 Recording apparatus, recording method, program, recording medium, and data recording medium
28 8,009,967 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
29 8,009,961 Electronic apparatus, playback management method, display control apparatus, and display control method
30 8,009,934 Image processing method and apparatus setting spatial decimation to movement within image regions
31 8,009,919 Image managing apparatus and image display apparatus
32 8,009,879 Object recognition device, object recognition method, object recognition program, feature registration device, feature registration method, and feature registration program
33 8,009,872 Taken-image signal-distortion compensation method, taken-image signal-distortion compensation apparatus, image taking method and image-taking apparatus
34 8,009,853 Headphone device
35 8,009,851 Noise reduction system and method
36 8,009,700 Multi-carrier signal transmitter and multi-carrier signal receiver
37 8,009,651 Neighbouring device aiding in receiving sets of data
38 8,009,592 Method and apparatus for exchange of information in a communication system
39 8,009,530 Information providing system, reproduction device and method, information providing device and method, recording medium, and program
40 8,009,339 Holographic recording medium, holographic writing system and holographic reading system
41 8,009,337 Image display apparatus, method, and program
42 8,009,253 Electro-optical device having insulating layer with varying thickness in the reflection and transmission displays
43 8,009,247 Light source apparatus, backlight apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, and manufacturing method of backlight apparatus
44 8,009,232 Display control device, and associated method of identifying content
45 8,009,219 Image display system, display apparatus, and display method
46 8,009,218 Method for driving semiconductor device having capacitive load, method and apparatus for driving load, and electronic apparatus
47 8,009,210 Image processing circuit, imaging apparatus, method and program
48 8,009,171 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
49 8,008,985 High-frequency electric field coupler, communication system, and communication apparatus
50 8,008,950 Bootstrap circuit that may be used in a shift register or output buffer
51 8,008,733 Semiconductor device having a power cutoff transistor
52 8,008,697 Solid-state imaging device and driving method therefor
53 8,008,568 Information processing device and method, and recording medium
54 8,008,165 Nitride semiconductor wafer and method of processing nitride semiconductor wafer
55 8,008,115 Thin film transistor and method for producing the same
56 8,008,108 Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
57 8,007,982 Optical information recording medium
58 8,007,962 Photomask
59 8,007,942 Ion-dissociative functional compound, method for production thereof, ionic conductor, and electrochemical device
60 8,007,937 Battery pack
61 8,007,290 Mounting device for a connector
62 8,007,115 Lamp driving apparatus and control method thereof
63 8,007,072 Cleaning blade, method of fabricating cleaning blade, and cleaning apparatus for liquid discharge head