Sony patents granted on 30 August 2016

61 US patents granted on 30 August 2016 and assigned to Sony

1 9,432,793 Head-related transfer function convolution method and head-related transfer function convolution device
2 9,432,744 Receiving device, receiving method, transmitting device, and transmitting method
3 9,432,740 Enhanced information on mobile device for viewed program and control of internet TV device using mobile device
4 9,432,737 Terminal device, server device, information processing method, program, and linked application supplying system
5 9,432,715 Incentivizing commerce by regionally localized broadcast signal in conjunction with automatic feedback or filtering
6 9,432,673 Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method and program
7 9,432,656 Image capturing device including lens array and processing
8 9,432,652 Information processing apparatus, stereoscopic display method, and program
9 9,432,646 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program and electronic apparatus
10 9,432,610 Receiver apparatus, tuner, and circuit
11 9,432,609 Signal processing device and signal processing method
12 9,432,602 Solid-state imaging device, driving method, and electronic device
13 9,432,599 Imaging device, imaging apparatus, semiconductor device and readout method
14 9,432,598 Imaging apparatus and camera system
15 9,432,595 Image processing device that generates an image from pixels with different exposure times
16 9,432,585 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
17 9,432,581 Information processing device and recording medium for face recognition
18 9,432,532 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium using an action state of a user
19 9,432,498 Gesture detection to pair two wearable devices and perform an action between them and a wearable device, a method and a system using heat as a means for communication
20 9,432,235 Transmitters, receivers and methods of transmitting and receiving
21 9,432,220 Apparatus, method and system to select content from history information representing previously reproduced content
22 9,432,111 Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method and computer program
23 9,432,103 Selection of training sequences for Multiple-In Multiple-Out transmissions
24 9,431,987 Sound synthesis with fixed partition size convolution of audio signals
25 9,431,897 Electric device
26 9,431,847 Communication device, communication method, battery device, and electronic apparatus
27 9,431,697 USB cable antenna
28 9,431,650 Method of manufacturing anode active material with oxide coating on active particles
29 9,431,639 Battery and a package for a battery
30 9,431,627 Laminated structure, display device and display unit employing same
31 9,431,519 Method of producing a III-V fin structure
32 9,431,450 Semiconductor device, solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
33 9,431,449 Solid-state imaging device, driving method for solid-state imaging device, and electronic appliance
34 9,431,448 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
35 9,431,423 Semiconductor integrated circuit
36 9,431,310 Simulation method, simulation program, process control system, simulator, process design method, and mask design method
37 9,430,971 Electro-optical unit with pixel circuit of reduced area
38 9,430,897 Secure transfer of digital objects
39 9,430,795 Display control device, display control method, search device, search method, program and communication system
40 9,430,780 Communication service method and communication apparatus thereof
41 9,430,764 Financial server, IC card terminal, and financial information processing method
42 9,430,718 Efficient local feature descriptor filtering
43 9,430,705 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system, and program
44 9,430,704 Image processing system with layout analysis and method of operation thereof
45 9,430,698 Information input apparatus, information input method, and computer program
46 9,430,651 Digital rights management license archiving
47 9,430,580 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program for displaying switching information
48 9,430,139 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
49 9,430,132 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
50 9,430,112 Information processing apparatus
51 9,430,110 Touch detection circuit, touch detection method, and electronic apparatus
52 9,430,070 Display device, display controlling method, and computer program
53 9,430,067 Device and method for touch detection on a display panel
54 9,429,819 Camera and optical unit
55 9,429,810 Electrophoresis device and display
56 9,429,690 Diffusion sheet, backlight, liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of producing a diffusion sheet
57 9,429,512 Microchip, liquid sample supply device, supply method of liquid sample, and analysis device
58 9,429,508 Microparticle measuring apparatus
59 9,429,442 Navigation apparatus and storage medium
60 9,429,276 Flow channel device, particle sorting apparatus, particle outflow method, and particle sorting method
61 9,427,665 Game providing server