Sony patents granted on 30 December 2014

66 US patents granted on 30 December 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 RE45,310 Cathode active material, cathode therewith and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2 8,925,029 Recording/transferring program, recording/transferring apparatus, and recording/transferring method
3 8,925,020 Transmission system, reproduction device, transmission method, and program
4 8,925,016 Extensions to trigger parameters table for interactive television
5 8,924,953 Information processing apparatus, and information processing method and program
6 8,924,897 Mask pattern design method and semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor design program
7 8,924,855 Retail outlet TV feature display system
8 8,924,839 Electronic reader system with bookmarking and method of operation thereof
9 8,924,716 Communication device and communication method
10 8,924,583 Method, apparatus and system for viewing content on a client device
11 8,924,451 Reception apparatus, reception method and program for single carrier and multicarriers data
12 8,924,405 Information processing apparatus, reference value determination method, and program
13 8,924,404 Information processing device, information processing method, and program
14 8,924,397 Device and method for processing information
15 8,924,317 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
16 8,923,928 Audio playback apparatus, control and usage method for audio playback apparatus, and mobile phone terminal with storage device
17 8,923,912 Base station apparatus, method, and radio communication system
18 8,923,881 Communication control method, communication device, and program
19 8,923,868 Hybrid access mode dynamic traffic offloading in an H(e)NB cell associated with a closed subscriber group
20 8,923,748 High frequency module and receiver
21 8,923,654 Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing program for displaying images that are divided into groups
22 8,923,642 Image processing device and method
23 8,923,637 Image processing system, image processing method and program
24 8,923,612 Image processing apparatus and method, and program
25 8,923,559 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
26 8,923,511 Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
27 8,923,420 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program
28 8,923,409 System method and apparatus for seamlessly splicing data
29 8,923,231 Wireless communication method
30 8,923,103 Optical-information recording medium and playback apparatus
31 8,923,037 Memory element and memory device
32 8,922,917 Optical unit and image pickup apparatus
33 8,922,907 Variable focal length lens system and imaging apparatus
34 8,922,893 Optical element, method of forming optical element, optical element array, display device, and electronic apparatus
35 8,922,719 Circuit and method for processing an input signal
36 8,922,699 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
37 8,922,691 Solid-state imaging device including a shielding film over a floating diffusion region, fabrication method and electronic apparatus
38 8,922,690 Image sensor, imaging apparatus and live body imaging apparatus
39 8,922,689 Solid-state imaging element having image signal overflow path
40 8,922,686 Method of producing a solid-state image pickup apparatus, solid-state image pickup apparatus, and electronic apparatus
41 8,922,685 Solid-state image sensing device and camera system with divided pixels
42 8,922,679 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
43 8,922,671 Method of compression of images using a natural mode and a graphics mode
44 8,922,644 Tracking head position and orientation
45 8,922,637 Sample-image acquisition apparatus, sample-image acquisition method and sample-image acquisition program
46 8,922,629 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
47 8,922,622 Image processing device, image processing method, and program
48 8,922,598 Display device
49 8,922,538 Display apparatus and electronic apparatus
50 8,922,536 Method for driving display element and method for driving display device
51 8,922,508 Media player using a multidimensional grid interface
52 8,922,497 Display apparatus, display method and program for detecting an operation performed on a display screen
53 8,922,492 Device and method of inputting characters
54 8,922,472 Level shifter circuit, scanning circuit, display device and electronic equipment
55 8,922,470 Liquid crystal display apparatus with row counter electrodes and driving method therefor
56 8,922,466 Display panel driving method, display apparatus, display panel driving apparatus and electronic apparatus
57 8,922,462 Pixel selection control method, driving circuit, display apparatus, and electronic instrument
58 8,922,461 Display device
59 8,922,459 Video projecting apparatus and method of controlling video projecting apparatus
60 8,922,156 Solar power-generating equipment
61 8,921,872 Display unit and method of manufacturing the same, electronic apparatus, illumination unit, and light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,921,865 Display device and electronic apparatus
63 8,921,215 Ion injection simulation method, ion injection simulation device, method of producing semiconductor device, and method of designing semiconductor device
64 8,920,973 Manufacturing method of positive electrode active material and positive electrode active material
65 8,920,244 Information processing apparatus and information processing system
66 8,919,962 Optical apparatus and projection apparatus