Sony patents granted on 30 January 2007

38 US patents granted on 30 January 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 D536,014 Combined video camera and disc recorder
2 D535,993 Reader/writer for storage medium
3 D535,953 Monitor/television receiver
4 D535,943 Charger
5 D535,941 Battery charger
6 7,171,676 Stamper for producing optical recording medium, optical recording medium, and methods of producing the same
7 7,171,627 Device for displaying link information and method for displaying the same
8 7,171,572 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
9 7,171,549 Information processing apparatus for start-up of an operating system using three different initialization modes in a specific sequence
10 7,171,535 Serial operation pipeline, arithmetic device, arithmetic-logic circuit and operation method using the serial operation pipeline
11 7,171,506 Plural interfaces in home network with first component having a first host bus width and second component having second bus width
12 7,171,498 Alphanumeric keyboard input system using a game controller
13 7,171,480 Method and system for providing auxiliary content located on local storage during download/access of primary content over a network
14 7,171,447 Network system, network server and terminal device
15 7,171,402 Dynamic interactive content system
16 7,171,088 Image input device
17 7,171,039 Defect classification/inspection system
18 7,171,026 Steering device, method of authenticating a driver, and vehicle
19 7,171,017 Apparatus for embedding data into transform and spatial domains of an image
20 7,171,015 Speaker apparatus
21 7,170,950 DRM/AM simulcast
22 7,170,878 Communication device and communication method
23 7,170,850 Transmission apparatus and method and providing medium thereof
24 7,170,761 Switching power supply circuit
25 7,170,693 Objective lens, and optical pickup device using the objective lens
26 7,170,683 Reflection element of exposure light and production method therefor, mask, exposure system, and production method of semiconductor device
27 7,170,563 Television reception apparatus
28 7,170,550 Television data management system
29 7,170,455 Attachment structure for antenna and electronic apparatus
30 7,170,339 Digital amplifier
31 7,170,258 Electrical device for charging batteries
32 7,170,175 Semiconductor device and production method thereof
33 7,169,999 Digital signal processing method and apparatus thereof, control data generation method and apparatus thereof, and program recording medium
34 7,169,690 Method of producing crystalline semiconductor material and method of fabricating semiconductor device
35 7,169,628 Cold cathode field emission device and process for the production thereof, and cold cathode field emission display and process for the production thereof
36 7,169,512 Electrolytic solution and battery using it
37 7,169,003 Method of manufacturing a display unit
38 7,168,774 Liquid jetting device and liquid jetting method