Sony patents granted on 30 July 2013

37 US patents granted on 30 July 2013 and assigned to Sony

1 D687,083 Camera
2 D687,028 Computer
3 D687,024 Information terminal
4 8,499,333 Secure device feature unlock mechanism third party development
5 8,499,321 Locally stored content previews: representative of programming content in an electronic programming guide through a graphic image accessed from the hard drive of a set top box
6 8,499,320 Next generation user interface for audio video display device such as TV with multiple user input modes and hierarchy thereof
7 8,499,316 Program identification using a portable communication device
8 8,499,214 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
9 8,499,070 Electronic device and method for monitoring communication within a network
10 8,499,015 Data entry method and apparatus
11 8,498,754 Onboard apparatus, navigation system, and method for setting display screen
12 8,498,631 Activation of applications based on vibration of portable electronic device
13 8,498,583 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method and electronic apparatus
14 8,498,571 Communication device
15 8,498,531 Image capturing device and activation method therefor
16 8,498,514 Information processing apparatus, information managing method and medium
17 8,498,450 Image discriminating method and image processing apparatus
18 8,498,185 Manufacturing method for optical disc, optical disc, playback method for optical disc, playback apparatus for optical disc, recording apparatus for optical disc
19 8,498,109 Fitting mechanism and output device
20 8,498,064 Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
21 8,497,944 Playback apparatus, playback method and program
22 8,497,942 User interface for audio video display device such as TV
23 8,497,926 Information processing apparatus, method, and program
24 8,497,911 Imaging device, imaging method and program for changing a bandwidth requirement for transmitting an image
25 8,497,902 System for locating a display device using a camera on a portable device and a sensor on a gaming console and method thereof
26 8,497,899 Biological sample image acquiring apparatus, biological sample image acquiring method, and program
27 8,497,857 Display device
28 8,497,794 Analog-digital converter and signal processing system
29 8,497,567 Thin-film capacitor, multilayer wiring board and semiconductor device
30 8,497,561 Solid-state imaging device, production method of the same, and imaging apparatus
31 8,497,504 Thin film transistor and display unit
32 8,497,496 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
33 8,497,141 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing it
34 8,497,139 Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
35 8,496,527 Capacitive input for computer program
36 8,496,390 Cover unit and mobile terminal including the same
37 8,495,815 Electromagnetic shielding method and electromagnetic shielding film