Sony patents granted on 30 June 2009

46 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Sony

1 RE40,809 Conversion of contiguous concatenation of virtual concatenation in a synchronous digital communication network
2 D595,312 Icon for a display screen
3 D595,309 Computer generated image for display panel or screen
4 D595,303 Computer image for a television display
5 D595,248 Television receiver
6 7,555,766 Audience response determination
7 7,555,765 Disk cartridge with an inner rotor
8 7,555,763 Disk cartridge
9 7,555,653 Data processing apparatus, program for use therewith, and method for use therewith
10 7,555,587 Communication apparatus, electronic appliance and communication system including a communication apparatus in communication with an electronic appliance for data communications
11 7,555,464 Multiple DRM management
12 7,555,429 Sound signal processing apparatus and degree of speech computation method
13 7,555,361 Apparatus, system and method for electronic ticket management and electronic ticket distribution authentication
14 7,555,320 Radio communication terminal with a detachable active housing and related connector
15 7,555,291 Mobile wireless communication terminals, systems, methods, and computer program products for providing a song play list
16 7,555,288 Mobile device control of mobile television broadcast signals from broadcaster
17 7,555,276 Devices, methods, and computer program products for controlling power transfer to an antenna in a wireless mobile terminal
18 7,555,204 Integrated recording and editing apparatus and system
19 7,555,198 Recording device, recording medium recording method, and program for recording medium recording method
20 7,555,163 Systems and methods for representing signed distance functions
21 7,555,043 Image processing apparatus and method
22 7,555,041 Code quantity control apparatus, code quantity control method and picture information transformation method
23 7,555,016 Data communication
24 7,554,901 Double sided optical disc and method for producing the same
25 7,554,900 Disc-shaped recording medium, method and apparatus for manufacturing same and data recording method
26 7,554,749 Variable power optical system and image-recording device
27 7,554,744 Zoom lens system and image-pickup apparatus
28 7,554,729 Rear projection display apparatus and transmission type screen
29 7,554,603 Video-signal-processing device and video-signal-transfer method
30 7,554,600 Lens-barrel and image pickup apparatus
31 7,554,597 Optical image recording system, and associated processing system
32 7,554,593 Solid state imaging device
33 7,554,549 System and method for tracking facial muscle and eye motion for computer graphics animation
34 7,554,476 Ad conversion method, apparatus thereof, solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof, and imaging apparatus
35 7,554,468 Entropy decoding methods and apparatus using most probable and least probable signal cases
36 7,554,393 Signal amplifier
37 7,554,383 Chip for non-contact reader/writer having power-supply management function
38 7,554,288 Random number generator in a battery pack
39 7,554,246 Piezoelectric composite device, method of manufacturing same, method of controlling same, input-output device, and electronic device
40 7,554,186 Semiconductor device
41 7,554,075 Imaging apparatus
42 7,554,069 Solid state imaging device and imaging apparatus having a first well region forming an overflow barrier interposed between a photoelectric conversion area and a second well region
43 7,553,602 Transfer substrate, transfer method, and organic electroluminescent device manufacturing method
44 7,553,370 Crystal growth method for nitride semiconductor and formation method for semiconductor device
45 7,553,195 Plug
46 7,552,503 Apparatus and method for cleaning a surface with high pressure air