Sony patents granted on 30 May 2006

57 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 D522,013 Keyboard
2 D521,999 Mouse
3 D521,981 Speaker box
4 D521,979 Speaker box
5 D521,978 Speaker
6 D521,975 Combined radio receiver and clock
7 D521,974 Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
8 D521,928 Combined charger and connector
9 7,055,100 Editing system, editing method, clip management apparatus, and clip management method
10 7,055,090 Coding apparatus, coding method, decoding apparatus, and decoding method
11 7,055,089 Decoder and decoding method
12 7,055,039 Protection of digital content using block cipher crytography
13 7,054,921 Multimedia information transfer via a wide area network
14 7,054,914 Streaming data from multiple sources according to storage location information
15 7,054,889 Recording method, recording apparatus, and record medium for recording data corresponding to a hierarchial file system
16 7,054,865 Information retrieval apparatus
17 7,054,845 Electronic settlement system, settlement management device, store device, client device, data storage device, computer program, and storage medium
18 7,054,839 Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, management apparatus and method, charging apparatus and method, providing apparatus and method, and recording medium
19 7,054,718 Motion editing apparatus and method for legged mobile robot and computer program
20 7,054,669 Foldable cellular phone with a separate display on each half
21 7,054,621 Method, device and system for establishing communications with multiple communication devices
22 7,054,542 Data recording and reproducing apparatus having a data transfer device selectively transferring data between multiple data recording and reproducing devices
23 7,054,540 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
24 7,054,452 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
25 7,054,436 Communication terminals with a dual use speaker for sensing background noise and generating sound, and related methods and computer program products
26 7,054,373 Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating data into a variable-length code and providing a sync signal to the train of codes
27 7,054,357 Error rate estimating device, method, and information recording medium
28 7,054,244 Modulation signal generator for producing original disc of optical disc
29 7,054,238 Signal shaping circuit
30 7,054,167 Switching power supply circuit
31 7,054,100 Magnetic tape recording/reproducing device and magnetic tape recording/reproducing system
32 7,054,074 Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus, information recording/reproducing apparatus
33 7,054,063 Projection screen and its manufacturing method
34 7,053,961 System and method for TV automatic gain control (AGC)
35 7,053,959 Digital video encoder
36 7,053,958 Method and apparatus for providing binary digital TV data from a structured data format
37 7,053,956 Method of and apparatus for maintaining smooth video transition between distinct applications
38 7,053,934 Video camera apparatus
39 7,053,906 Texture mapping method, recording medium, program, and program executing apparatus
40 7,053,905 Screen display processing apparatus, screen display processing method and computer program
41 7,053,902 Image processing apparatus and method of processing images that stops operation of pixel processing circuits when pixel data to be processed is not needed
42 7,053,848 Antenna device and portable radio communication terminal
43 7,053,827 GPS reception method and GPS receiver
44 7,053,825 Communication device
45 7,053,692 Powergate control using boosted and negative voltages
46 7,053,579 Device and method of controlling operation of robot apparatus
47 7,053,577 Robot and motion control method of robot
48 7,053,514 Image apparatus and drive motor
49 7,053,315 Junction structure and junction method for conductive projection
50 7,053,312 Flexible wiring boards
51 7,053,295 Electronic device, information processor, and electromagnetic radiation suppressing member
52 7,052,551 Method of manufacturing a battery
53 7,052,397 Entertainment system, recording medium and entertainment apparatus
54 7,052,367 Polishing apparatus
55 7,052,290 Low profile connector for electronic interface modules
56 7,052,264 Molding metal mold, method of producing molding metal mold, and articles molded by molding metal mold
57 7,051,791 Cooling apparatus and electronic equipment