Sony patents granted on 30 November 2010

65 US patents granted on 30 November 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 RE41,977 Recording and reproducing apparatus and terminal apparatus
2 D628,226 Video camera
3 D628,193 Earphone
4 D628,191 Speaker box
5 D628,190 Modular entertainment system with a movable electronic component
6 D628,182 Mobile phone
7 7,845,014 Method and apparatus for implementing digital rights management
8 7,844,991 Method and apparatus for digital signal processing
9 7,844,939 Mask pattern correction program and system
10 7,844,920 Modular entertainment system with movable components
11 7,844,916 Multimedia reproducing apparatus and menu screen display method
12 7,844,913 Information processing apparatus and method, and program
13 7,844,738 Method of and apparatus for bridging a UPnP network and a rendezvous network
14 7,844,685 Apparatus and method for performing contents distribution process
15 7,844,648 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program facilitating editing and checking of data
16 7,844,611 Time-shift image distribution system, time-shift image distribution method, time-shift image requesting apparatus, and image server
17 7,844,557 Method and system for order invariant clustering of categorical data
18 7,844,287 Automatic spread of applications
19 7,844,276 Calibration procedure for wireless networks with direct mode traffic
20 7,844,259 Communication method
21 7,844,223 Communication method, communication device, and computer program
22 7,844,173 Image capturing apparatus
23 7,844,166 Reproduction device, video decoding device, synchronization/reproduction method, program and recording medium
24 7,844,136 Apparatus and method for generating coefficients, apparatus and method for generating class configuration, informational signal processing apparatus, and programs for performing these methods
25 7,844,119 Wavelet detector for finding similarities between major boundaries in images
26 7,844,115 Information processing apparatus, method, and program product
27 7,844,108 Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium and program
28 7,844,054 Stream recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method
29 7,844,052 Encoding and detecting apparatus
30 7,843,941 Communication system, server, communication terminal and communication method
31 7,843,886 Methods, mobile stations, and systems for determining base station identifier codes for handover candidates in a network
32 7,843,796 Optical information recording medium and method of marking BCA (burst cutting area) into the same
33 7,843,794 Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
34 7,843,788 Optical recording medium driving device and spherical aberration adjustment method
35 7,843,784 Optical disc recording apparatus and method for determining optimum write power thereof
36 7,843,781 Disc drive with rotational driving and optical pickup
37 7,843,778 Optical disc apparatus and control method including an excess detection mode
38 7,843,773 Contents playback apparatus, control method, and electronic device
39 7,843,772 Content use system, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus and system control method
40 7,843,769 Wrist watch, display method of wrist watch, and program
41 7,843,636 Image display method for a stereoscopic image
42 7,843,607 Method for processing digital image data
43 7,843,541 Transflective liquid crystal device and electronic equipment having first and second electrodes each with first and second branch electrodes
44 7,843,506 Imaging device, GPS control method, and computer program
45 7,843,478 Recording medium drive apparatus, recording medium, and driving method for recording medium drive apparatus
46 7,843,476 Thermal head and printer
47 7,843,464 Automatic color adjustment of template design
48 7,843,461 Image special effect device, graphic processor and recording medium
49 7,843,343 Methods, computer program products, terminals and systems for providing location reporting of RFID enabled moveable objects
50 7,843,333 System, methods, devices and computer program products for controlling electronic appliances within a local area
51 7,843,221 Semiconductor device, display panel and electronic equipment
52 7,843,173 Charger and method of charging
53 7,843,164 Power supply system, power supply plate and electronic equipment
54 7,843,028 Electro-optical device, semiconductor device, display device, and electronic apparatus having the same
55 7,843,027 Solid-state imaging device, camera and method of producing the solid-state imaging device
56 7,842,987 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
57 7,842,986 Solid-state imaging device and method for fabricating the same related application data
58 7,842,886 Transmission cable
59 7,842,875 Scheme for providing audio effects for a musical instrument and for controlling images with same
60 7,842,431 Mixture, cation conductor and electrochemical device using those
61 7,842,366 Multi-layer optical information recording medium
62 7,842,132 Optical element, light emitting device and method for producing optical element
63 7,841,965 Audio-signal generation device
64 7,841,745 Image display apparatus
65 7,841,568 Suction cup