Sony patents granted on 30 October 2007

28 US patents granted on 30 October 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,290,269 Disk recording and/or reproducing apparatus
2 7,290,213 Method for perusing information
3 7,290,137 Information processing apparatus, executable module generating method, and storage medium
4 7,289,982 System and method for classifying and searching existing document information to identify related information
5 7,289,970 Method to electronically track personal credit information
6 7,289,800 Portable electronic device and wireless connection control method therefor
7 7,289,765 OFDM demodulator
8 7,289,720 Magnetic tape recording apparatus and method, magnetic tape playback apparatus and method, format for magnetic tape, and storage medium product
9 7,289,717 Audio and/or video generation apparatus and method of generating audio and/or video signals
10 7,289,676 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and recording medium
11 7,289,671 Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
12 7,289,479 Communication device and communication method
13 7,289,453 Adaptive quality-of-service reservation and pre-allocation for mobile systems
14 7,289,401 Storage medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method
15 7,289,283 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
16 7,289,255 Hologram apparatus, positioning method for spatial light modulator and image pickup device, and hologram recording material
17 7,289,150 Solid-state image apparatus including a plurality of horizontal transfer registers for transferring image signals from an imaging area
18 7,289,129 Special effect device, address signal generating device, address signal generating method and address signal generating program
19 7,289,119 Statistical rendering acceleration
20 7,289,094 Device circuit for flat display apparatus and flat display apparatus
21 7,289,089 Light emitting unit
22 7,289,046 Data recording medium, data recording method and device, and encode method and device
23 7,288,724 Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate, and multilayer wiring substrate
24 7,288,428 Solid state image pickup device and manufacturing method thereof and semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,288,173 Ion beam processing system and ion beam processing method
26 D554,104 Speaker box
27 D554,090 Portable communications device
28 D554,079 Remote controller