Sony patents granted on 30 September 2014

81 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to Sony

1 D714,254 Media player
2 8,850,356 Information processing system and information processing apparatus
3 8,850,337 Information processing device, authoring method, and program
4 8,850,323 Electronic device, content reproduction method, and program therefor
5 8,850,253 Information processing unit, power-saving management program, and storage medium stored with the power-saving management program
6 8,849,984 Bandwidth requesting system, bandwidth requesting device, client device, bandwidth requesting method, content playback method, and program
7 8,849,930 User-based semantic metadata for text messages
8 8,849,913 Method and system for triggering activation of IMS applications on a mobile radio terminal
9 8,849,912 Information processing device, server, and information processing system
10 8,849,839 Apparatus and associated methodology for automatically selecting content using stored criteria
11 8,849,700 Information delivery system and method for delivering content information
12 8,849,677 Coding apparatus, coding method, decoding apparatus, decoding method, and program
13 8,849,564 Route comparison device, route comparison method, and program
14 8,849,230 Attenuator and method for attenuating
15 8,849,102 Playback apparatus, playback method, and playback program
16 8,849,094 Data structure, recording medium, authoring apparatus, method, and program, recording apparatus, method, and program, verification apparatus, method, and program, and manufacturing, apparatus and method for recording medium
17 8,849,092 Information processing apparatus and method, program storing medium, recording medium, and program for managing reproduction of a data stream
18 8,849,091 Transport stream processing device, and associated methodology of generating and aligning source data packets in a physical data structure
19 8,849,090 High speed image capturing apparatus and method
20 8,849,056 Apparatus and method for image edge-preserving smoothing
21 8,849,053 Parametric loop filter
22 8,849,052 Image processing apparatus and method
23 8,849,017 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium for learning from moving images
24 8,849,013 System and method of image processing
25 8,848,941 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
26 8,848,930 Adaptive ring level
27 8,848,902 Headphone device
28 8,848,803 Information processing device and method, and program
29 8,848,799 Utilizing thresholds and early termination to achieve fast motion estimation in a video encoder
30 8,848,790 Encoding processing apparatus and method for a moving image
31 8,848,782 Reception apparatus, reception method, and program with encoding bit rate determination
32 8,848,777 Receiving apparatus and method for receiving signals in a wireless communication system with improved equalization performance
33 8,848,645 System and method for managing resources in heterogeneous network
34 8,848,497 Recording management apparatus, recording management method, and program
35 8,848,496 Information processing apparatus, software installing method, and recording medium
36 8,848,389 Transmission device and method for manufacturing same, and wireless transmission device and wireless transmission method
37 8,848,327 Controller, controlling method, and solar cell
38 8,848,111 Electronic equipment, control information transmission and reception methods having bidirectional communication using predetermined lines
39 8,848,098 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program
40 8,848,097 Image processing apparatus, and method, for providing special effect
41 8,848,094 Optimal blur matching selection for depth estimation
42 8,848,092 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
43 8,848,087 Information display apparatus, image taking apparatus, and method and computer program for controlling displaying information
44 8,848,078 Booster circuit, solid-state imaging device, and camera system
45 8,848,076 Solid-state image capturing apparatus, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus
46 8,848,075 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
47 8,848,074 Solid-state image pickup device
48 8,848,073 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
49 8,848,069 Apparatus and method for deciding scanning pattern of an imaging device
50 8,848,066 Method and an apparatus for generating image content
51 8,848,063 Image processing including image correction
52 8,848,042 Display device, video device, menu-screen display method, and video display system
53 8,848,037 Data structure, recording medium, playing device and playing method, and program
54 8,848,036 Stereoscopic image data transmission device, stereoscopic image data transmission method, stereoscopic image data reception device and stereoscopic image data reception method
55 8,848,004 Method of calculating correction value and display device
56 8,848,000 Display device, method of driving the display device, and electronic device
57 8,847,999 Display device, method for driving the same, and electronic unit
58 8,847,978 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
59 8,847,977 Information processing apparatus to flip image and display additional information, and associated methodology
60 8,847,938 Imaging device, method for controlling the imaging device, and camera using the imaging device
61 8,847,935 Display device and electronic product having light sensors in plural pixel regions
62 8,847,883 Input apparatus, input method, and control system
63 8,847,881 Gesture and voice recognition for control of a device
64 8,847,860 Image display device with imaging unit
65 8,847,789 Information provision system, information provision device, information provision method, terminal device, and display method
66 8,847,781 Building management system with privacy-guarded assistance mechanism and method of operation thereof
67 8,847,738 Mobile terminal, information processing method, and computer program
68 8,847,550 Control device and method and power supply device
69 8,847,491 Electric light bulb type light source apparatus
70 8,847,292 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
71 8,847,230 Thin film transistor and display device
72 8,847,214 Display, method for driving display, and electronic apparatus having parallel holding capacitors
73 8,847,207 Semiconductor device with bottom gate organic thin-film transistor, and display device and electronic equipment with same
74 8,847,194 Memory component including an ion source layer and a resistance change layer, and a memory device using the same
75 8,847,189 Memory storage device and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,847,135 Solid-state imaging device, driving method thereof and electronic apparatus
77 8,846,257 Fuel cell system and electronic device
78 8,846,173 Optical recording medium and manufacturing method of optical recording medium
79 8,845,913 Ion radiation damage prediction method, ion radiation damage simulator, ion radiation apparatus and ion radiation method
80 8,845,428 Coordinating real-world gatherings to promote online community
81 8,845,050 Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, control apparatus, control method, and three-dimensional object