Sony patents granted on 31 August 2010

51 US patents granted on 31 August 2010 and assigned to Sony

1 RE41,606 Synchronization symbol structure using OFDM based transmission method
2 D622,751 Portable image projector
3 D622,733 Computer screen showing icon shape and arrangement
4 7,788,727 System and method for piggybacking on interface license
5 7,788,697 Digital broadcast receiver apparatus, digital broadcast receiving method and program
6 7,788,635 Technique for processing a computer program
7 7,788,586 Content output queue generation
8 7,788,467 Methods and apparatus for latency control in a multiprocessor system
9 7,788,428 Multiplex mobile high-definition link (MHL) and USB 3.0
10 7,788,409 System and method for achieving interoperability in home network with IEEE 1394 and UPnP devices
11 7,788,271 Content distribution server, content distribution method, and program
12 7,787,920 Dipole antenna for a portable communication device
13 7,787,898 Mobile wireless communication terminal and mobile wireless communication system
14 7,787,872 Method and apparatus for event-triggered exchange of location-based information in a communications network
15 7,787,869 Device, method, and computer program product for providing enhanced blogging features on a mobile phone
16 7,787,762 Image photographing apparatus, image photographing method, and computer program
17 7,787,752 Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
18 7,787,751 Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
19 7,787,747 Playback apparatus, Playback method, recording medium, and program
20 7,787,744 Recording apparatus, recording method, program, recording medium, and image pickup apparatus
21 7,787,697 Identification of an object in media and of related media objects
22 7,787,662 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, and program
23 7,787,574 Reception terminal apparatus
24 7,787,512 Light-emitting element assembly and method for manufacturing the same
25 7,787,473 Transcoding apparatus, method and medium
26 7,787,437 Wireless communication system, apparatus, method and computer program product including timed beacon transmission control
27 7,787,353 Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing same
28 7,787,344 Writing device
29 7,787,190 Optical element and imaging device
30 7,787,153 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
31 7,787,091 Transverse field type liquid crystal display panel
32 7,787,083 Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
33 7,787,082 Photosensor and display device
34 7,787,038 Solid-state image pickup device and driving method therefor
35 7,786,996 System and method for object oriented hardware including cross-point switch interconnecting modules with I/O
36 7,786,993 Environment mapping
37 7,786,954 Adjustable head-mount type display device
38 7,786,921 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
39 7,786,793 Semiconductor integrated circuit
40 7,786,664 Plane display device
41 7,786,515 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,786,493 Light emitting diode, method for manufacturing light emitting diode, integrated light emitting diode, method for manufacturing integrated light emitting diode, light emitting diode backlight, light emitting diode illumination device, light emitting diode display, electronic apparatus, electronic device, and method for manufacturing electronic device
43 7,786,488 Nitride semiconductor wafer and method of processing nitride semiconductor wafer
44 7,786,484 Display device having a portion of a pixel circuit exposed by a connection hole
45 7,786,459 Memory element and memory device comprising memory layer positioned between first and second electrodes
46 7,786,426 Imaging device with a color filter that contains a layer only covering the surrounding areas
47 7,786,367 Music player connection system for enhanced playlist selection
48 7,785,981 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device
49 7,785,901 Method of attaching hydrophilic species to hydrophilic macromolecules and immobilizing the hydrophilic macromolecules on a hydrophobic surface
50 7,785,851 Mutant protein having diaphorase activity
51 7,785,090 Injection control apparatus