Sony patents granted on 31 July 2007

23 US patents granted on 31 July 2007 and assigned to Sony

1 7,251,799 Metal interconnect structure for integrated circuits and a design rule therefor
2 7,251,633 Method or system for executing deferred transactions
3 7,251,606 Robot device with changing dialogue and control method therefor and storage medium
4 7,251,493 Mobile terminals and methods for determining a location based on acceleration information
5 7,251,475 Information processing apparatus and method, information processing system, and transmission medium
6 7,251,330 Content playback system, content playback method, content playback requesting apparatus, and temporary playback apparatus
7 7,251,327 Data transmission apparatus, data transmission method, and data recording medium
8 7,251,211 Optical medium having grooves along recording tracks, and an associated master disc and apparatus
9 7,251,104 Recording medium cartridge
10 7,251,074 Projection screen and method for manufacturing the same
11 7,250,974 Image pickup apparatus with improved auto focusing and method of autofocusing
12 7,250,941 Timing generation circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal
13 7,250,911 Placing of components on an antenna arrangement
14 7,250,879 Decoder circuit and decoding method
15 7,250,774 Fingerprint sensor
16 7,250,634 Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and display unit
17 7,250,320 Semiconductor light emitting element, manufacturing method thereof, integrated semiconductor light emitting device, manufacturing method thereof, image display device, manufacturing method thereof, illuminating device and manufacturing method thereof
18 7,250,314 Display system and method of producing the same
19 D547,760 Foldable computer mouse
20 D547,751 Speaker
21 D547,750 Speaker box
22 D547,748 Speaker box
23 D547,740 Monitor television receiver