Sony patents granted on 31 July 2012

61 US patents granted on 31 July 2012 and assigned to Sony

1 D664,601 Portable information terminal
2 D664,515 Mobile phone
3 8,234,669 Data-processing apparatus, data-processing method and data-processing program
4 8,234,651 Information processing method and apparatus using the same
5 8,234,581 User interface for processing data by utilizing attribute information on data
6 8,234,565 Information presentation method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium
7 8,234,555 Data decoding apparatus, data decoding method, data transmitting/receiving system, data receiving apparatus, data receiving method and program
8 8,234,548 Packet transmission apparatus, communication system and program
9 8,234,514 Method and apparatus for resolving clock management issues in emulation involving both interpreted and translated code
10 8,234,311 Information processing device, importance calculation method, and program
11 8,234,306 Information process apparatus, information process method, and program
12 8,234,301 Service offering system, management server, service provider, terminal device, storage medium issuing apparatus, server offering method, and storage medium
13 8,234,278 Information processing device, information processing method, and program therefor
14 8,234,272 Searching and ranking contacts in contact database
15 8,233,937 Information processing apparatus, communication control method, storage medium with program stored therein, and information processing system
16 8,233,910 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method and program
17 8,233,886 Accessing stored data objects using contact data corresponding to a remote communications party
18 8,233,884 Information service phonebook update
19 8,233,864 Signal receiving apparatus, signal receiving method, signal receiving program and signal receiving system
20 8,233,775 Information processing system, portable information terminal apparatus, information processing method, program information providing apparatus, program information providing method, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, computer-program storage medium, and computer program
21 8,233,769 Content data processing device, content data processing method, program, and recording/ playing device
22 8,233,764 Program recording apparatus and program recording method
23 8,233,747 Method and apparatus for forming super resolution images from raw data representative of color filter array images
24 8,233,746 Image processing device, image processing method and program
25 8,233,737 Noise correction circuit, imaging apparatus, and noise correction method adding random number after noise removal
26 8,233,733 Image processing device
27 8,233,721 Image processing apparatus and method
28 8,233,709 Color effects for compressed digital video
29 8,233,678 Imaging apparatus, imaging method and computer program for detecting a facial expression from a normalized face image
30 8,233,661 Object tracking apparatus and object tracking method
31 8,233,645 Audio signal output apparatus, audio signal output method, program, and recording medium
32 8,233,642 Methods and apparatuses for capturing an audio signal based on a location of the signal
33 8,233,635 Audio signal transmitting apparatus, audio signal receiving apparatus, audio signal transmission system, audio signal transmission method, and program
34 8,233,630 Test apparatus, test method, and computer program
35 8,233,541 Recursive image quality enhancement on super resolution video
36 8,233,423 Display generating device, display generating method, program, and wireless communication system
37 8,233,370 Objective lens, optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
38 8,233,186 Print data processing apparatus, printer, photograph vending machine, and print data processing method and program
39 8,233,149 Biometric image pickup apparatus
40 8,233,096 Information processing apparatus and television tuner
41 8,233,083 Camera module
42 8,233,067 Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method of solid-state imaging device, and image capturing apparatus
43 8,233,065 Charge detection device and charge detection method, solid-state imaging device and driving method thereof, and imaging device
44 8,233,062 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and imaging apparatus
45 8,233,060 Image data processing apparatus, image data processing method, and program
46 8,233,053 Imaging apparatus and image signal generating apparatus
47 8,233,012 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
48 8,232,958 High-contrast backlight
49 8,232,935 Display apparatus, driving method for display apparatus and electronic apparatus
50 8,232,921 Half-mode substrate integrated antenna structure
51 8,232,882 Photodetector used to control near field communication
52 8,232,844 Synchronous oscillator, clock recovery apparatus, clock distribution circuit, and multi-mode injection circuit
53 8,232,720 Display with organic light emitting elements including a light emitting layer provided by transferring a transfer layer from a donor substrate to an acceptor substrate
54 8,232,719 Organic electroluminescence display device
55 8,232,715 Phosphor, fluorescent lamp using the same, and display device and illuminating device using fluorescent lamp
56 8,232,640 Device, method of manufacturing device, board, method of manufacturing board, mounting structure, mounting method, LED display, LED backlight and electronic device
57 8,231,999 Separator and battery using the same
58 8,231,854 Method for treating carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes device comprising thereof
59 8,231,468 Game control program, game machine, and game control method
60 8,231,343 Axial fan apparatus, axial-flow impeller, and electronic apparatus
61 8,231,249 Lighting system