Sony patents granted on 31 May 2011

48 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Sony

1 7,954,162 Transmitter, signal transfer method, data distribution system and method of same, data receiver, data provider and method of same, and data transferer
2 7,954,134 Set back box with digital receiver for upgrading TV with analog receiver
3 7,954,133 Digital living network alliance (DLNA) enabled portable electronic devices, DLNA management consoles and related methods of operating DLNA enabled portable electronic devices
4 7,954,130 Network camera system and network camera control program
5 7,954,113 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and recording medium
6 7,954,101 Skipping non-time-critical task according to control table when operating frequency falls
7 7,954,020 Method and apparatus for testing a circuit
8 7,953,862 Methods for accessing a phone-based web server with a private IP address and related electronic devices and computer program products
9 7,953,810 System and method for effectively performing a streamlined photo distribution procedure
10 7,953,748 Information processing apparatus and information processing method, and computer program
11 7,953,735 Information processing apparatus, method and program
12 7,953,718 Data processing apparatus, method, and program
13 7,953,683 Learning apparatus, learning method, and program for efficiently learning dynamics
14 7,953,456 Acoustic echo reduction in mobile terminals
15 7,953,454 Wireless hands-free system with silent user signaling
16 7,953,442 Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
17 7,953,434 Communications apparatus and method, storage medium, as well as program
18 7,953,300 Image apparatus and captured image recording method
19 7,953,282 Television receiver and picture processing method
20 7,953,198 Frame synchronisation scheme with interference reduction
21 7,952,985 Recording medium, its manufacturing method, mother disc for recording medium, and its manufacturing method
22 7,952,819 Optical device, light irradiation apparatus and light irradiation method
23 7,952,814 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
24 7,952,811 Zoom lens and image pickup device
25 7,952,809 Lens array
26 7,952,769 Systems and methods for image processing coding/decoding
27 7,952,671 Liquid crystal display device having etching stopper electrode and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display device
28 7,952,638 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer readable storage medium for acquiring state information from a photographing apparatus
29 7,952,630 Data processor, solid-state imaging device, imaging device, and electronic apparatus
30 7,952,628 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
31 7,952,622 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
32 7,952,610 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and program
33 7,952,596 Electronic devices that pan/zoom displayed sub-area within video frames in response to movement therein
34 7,952,568 Surface acoustic wave touch panel, electrooptical device, and electronic apparatus having spacers between first and second touch panel substrates
35 7,952,566 Apparatus and method for touch screen interaction based on tactile feedback and pressure measurement
36 7,952,542 Image display device and electronic appliance
37 7,952,525 Antenna device associated wireless communication apparatus and associated control methodology for multi-input and multi-output communication systems
38 7,952,522 Relative 3D positioning in an ad-hoc network based on distances
39 7,952,487 Device charging
40 7,952,467 System and method for informing user how to use universal remote control
41 7,952,125 Solid-state imaging device, production method and drive method thereof, and camera
42 7,952,013 Contents reproducer and reproduction method for selecting content to be reproduced based on a moving tempo and tempo informaiton for the content
43 7,951,521 Transfer substrate, transfer method, and method of manufacturing display device
44 7,951,491 Positive electrode and lithium ion secondary battery
45 7,951,490 Positive electrode active matter and secondary battery using this
46 7,951,488 Cathode and battery including same
47 7,950,811 Projection display device
48 7,950,807 Projector and control method thereof