Sony patents granted on 31 October 2006

45 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Sony

1 7,131,053 Normalizing device and method, program, recording medium on which the program is recorded and communication terminal for normalizing data
2 7,131,018 Electronic apparatus and power supplying method
3 7,131,010 Data processing system, data processing method, data processing apparatus, and program providing medium
4 7,131,002 Authentication method, authentication system, semiconductor circuit and authentication module
5 7,130,945 Controlling method for transmitting reserve commands from a controller to target devices
6 7,130,925 Information processing apparatus and method for receiving/transmitting data between an IEEE802-based format and an IEEE1394-based format
7 7,130,906 Data communicating device and data communicating method
8 7,130,860 Method and system for generating sequencing information representing a sequence of items selected in a database
9 7,130,742 Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system
10 7,130,631 Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication terminal apparatus, communication control system
11 7,130,524 Signal recording method and apparatus, signal recording / reproducing method and apparatus and signal recording medium
12 7,130,523 Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus
13 7,130,476 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data recording medium
14 7,130,464 Image processing device
15 7,130,361 Telecommunication device with analog fourier transformation unit
16 7,130,315 Method of and apparatus for utilizing extended AV/C command and response frames including transaction label and common result/error code
17 7,130,310 Statistical multiplex system, statistical multiplex controller and method of statistical multiplex
18 7,130,265 Data multiplexing device and data multiplexing method, and data transmitter
19 7,130,252 Optical recording medium having multiple reproduction modes
20 7,130,251 Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method
21 7,130,224 Composite storage circuit and semiconductor device having the same composite storage circuit
22 7,130,208 Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
23 7,130,120 Prism, projection and optical component
24 7,130,014 Liquid crystal display device with particular electrode taper using switching devices and a method of manufacturing the same
25 7,129,991 Transmission method of digital audio data with video data
26 7,129,961 System and method for dynamic autocropping of images
27 7,129,953 Two dimensional buffer pages
28 7,129,939 Power supply generating circuit, display apparatus, and portable terminal device
29 7,129,905 Multiple band antenna apparatus
30 7,129,883 Method and apparatus for AD conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical quantity, and electronic apparatus
31 7,129,806 Thin film bulk acoustic wave resonator and production method of the same
32 7,129,578 Substrate for semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor device, and frame main body
33 7,129,515 Lighting system
34 7,129,514 Image display unit
35 7,129,433 Button assembly and an electronic device
36 7,129,175 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
37 7,129,107 Process for producing a semiconductor light-emitting device
38 7,129,007 Recording medium for hologram, hologram recording apparatus and hologram recording method
39 7,128,955 Thermal transfer recording medium and photographic print
40 7,128,888 Proton conductor and method for manufacturing the same, and electrochemical device
41 7,128,562 Molding die apparatus and molding method
42 7,128,426 Method of producing image display device and image projector apparatus
43 D531,180 Supporting base
44 D531,151 Disc recorder
45 D531,150 Combined monitor display and disc player