Toshiba patent applications published on 17 August 2006

35 US patent applications published on 17 August 2006 and assigned to Toshiba

1 20060184912 Automatic design apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuits, method for automatically designing semiconductor integrated circuits, and computer program product for executing an application for an automatic design apparatus for semiconductor integrated circuits
2 20060184909 Semiconductor integrated circuit routing method and recording medium which stores routing software
3 20060184752 Memory controller and memory control system predicting non-contiguous access
4 20060184709 USB memory storage apparatus
5 20060184474 Data analysis apparatus, data analysis program, and data analysis method
6 20060184050 Biomedical optical device and biomedical optical measuring method
7 20060184032 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
8 20060184031 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image acquiring method
9 20060184027 Diagnostic imaging system, magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, and method of diagnostic imaging
10 20060184004 Magnetic resonance imaging for a plurality of selective regions set to object continuously moved
11 20060183512 Folding type portable terminal
12 20060182844 Mold clamping apparatus
13 20060182452 Image forming apparatus and method for detecting the color information and positions of developing units
14 20060182312 Obstacle detecting apparatus and method
15 20060182222 X-ray apparatus
16 20060182206 Communications system, method and device
17 20060182175 Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, and computer program product
18 20060182090 Telephone system
19 20060182088 Gateway unit
20 20060181858 Heat dissipation device and heat dissipation method for electronic equipment
21 20060181843 Portable microcomputer and display unit
22 20060181831 Gate drive circuit, semiconductor module and method for driving switching element
23 20060181814 Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
24 20060181771 Projection type screen and image projection system
25 20060181746 Carrying apparatus image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
26 20060181667 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacturing method
27 20060181279 RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
28 20060181278 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and its control method
29 20060181240 Method and system for managing the voltage on the DC bus of a speed controller for an AC motor
30 20060180898 Hybrid type semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
31 20060180870 Semiconductor device
32 20060180516 Paper sheet processing apparatus and method
33 20060180340 Printed-wiring board, printed-circuit board and electronic apparatus
34 20060179858 Refrigerator
35 20060179642 Method for manufacturing a film bulk acoustic resonator