Toshiba patents granted on 01 April 2014

55 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D701,964 Wireless biosensor module
2 8,689,356 Content data delivery system, and method for delivering an encrypted content data
3 8,689,079 Memory device having multiple channels and method for accessing memory in the same
4 8,688,969 Cryptographic management apparatus, decryption management apparatus and program
5 8,688,918 Program converting apparatus, program converting method, and medium
6 8,688,898 Memory device configured to execute plural access commands in parallel and memory access method therefor
7 8,688,871 Electronic device and input-signal switching method
8 8,688,870 Combined wireless and wired access to memory unit
9 8,688,834 Dynamic host configuration and network access authentication
10 8,688,011 Developing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
11 8,687,950 Electronic apparatus and display control method
12 8,687,871 Image domain based noise reduction for low dose computed tomography fluoroscopy
13 8,687,864 Image diagnostic processing device and image diagnostic processing program
14 8,687,830 Television apparatus and electronic device
15 8,687,705 Moving picture decoding device and moving picture decoding method
16 8,687,627 Communication apparatus
17 8,687,448 Semiconductor memory device and sense amplifier
18 8,687,420 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
19 8,687,406 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
20 8,687,400 Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of chips and capability of outputting a busy signal
21 8,687,377 Storage device, electronic device, and circuit board assembly
22 8,687,322 Magnetic recording head and disk drive including the same
23 8,687,321 Magnetic head assembly
24 8,687,274 Short-wavelength polarizing elements and the manufacture and use thereof
25 8,687,231 Decoloring device, method of determining decoloring success or failure and computer-readable recording medium recording decoloring success or failure determining program
26 8,687,224 Server apparatus, image forming system, and management method of image forming data
27 8,687,127 Video display apparatus and external power-supply apparatus
28 8,686,882 High-frequency semiconductor switch and terminal device
29 8,686,816 MEMS element and method of manufacturing the same
30 8,686,708 Switching circuit
31 8,686,663 Lighting system and control method thereof
32 8,686,647 Lighting control system and lighting control method
33 8,686,521 Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
34 8,686,495 Power semiconductor device
35 8,686,488 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,686,464 LED module
37 8,686,459 Light-transmitting metal electrode and process for production thereof
38 8,686,437 DIMOSFET SiC semiconductor device
39 8,686,436 Silicon carbide semiconductor device
40 8,686,430 Buffer layer for GaN-on-Si LED
41 8,686,398 Semiconductor light emitting device
42 8,686,387 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,686,386 Nonvolatile memory device using a varistor as a current limiter element
44 8,686,384 Memory device and method for manufacturing the same
45 8,686,340 Solid imaging device and portable information terminal device having plural pixels being shielded and not shielded from light
46 8,685,862 Method of forming micropattern, die formed by this method of forming micropattern, transfer method and micropattern forming method using this die
47 8,685,857 Chemical mechanical polishing method of organic film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
48 8,685,842 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
49 8,685,645 Screening method and vector, vector library, and assay kit used therefor
50 8,685,491 Method of manufacturing magnetoresistive element
51 8,685,277 Fluorescent substance and light-emitting device employing the same
52 8,684,932 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic diagnostic method, and control processing program for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
53 8,684,749 LED with improved injection efficiency
54 8,684,589 Lighting device
55 8,684,476 Protective cabinet with angled deflection bracket for uninterruptible power supplies and the like