Toshiba patents granted on 01 June 2010

57 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D616,992 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
2 D616,991 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
3 D616,990 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
4 7,730,449 Auto reference counting pointer for C++ objects with ability to re-cast and lookup from a free pointer
5 7,730,445 Pattern data verification method for semiconductor device, computer-readable recording medium having pattern data verification program for semiconductor device recorded, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
6 7,730,393 System and method for providing fee-based data services to mobile users
7 7,730,363 Reliability evaluation system, reliability evaluating method, and reliability evaluation program for information system
8 7,730,249 Device control apparatus that calls an operating system to control a device
9 7,730,226 Multiple protocol address register method, multiple protocol address register system, multiple protocol address register server, and multiple protocol address communication terminal
10 7,730,050 Information retrieval apparatus
11 7,729,960 Communication terminal, power supply management system of the same, and charging method at the time of purchasing fuel reservoir
12 7,729,805 Travel time display device and method for industrial robot
13 7,729,630 System and method for generating a user customizable default user interface for a document processing device
14 7,729,629 Fixing unit and fixing temperature control method
15 7,729,519 Electronic apparatus
16 7,729,512 Stereo image processing to detect moving objects
17 7,729,486 Private branch exchange and telephone switching system
18 7,729,468 X-ray tomograph and stereoradioscopic image construction equipment
19 7,729,327 Dynamic use of multiple IP network interfaces in mobile devices for packet loss prevention and bandwidth enhancement
20 7,729,325 Beamforming and distributed opportunistic scheduling in wireless networks
21 7,729,180 Semiconductor memory device
22 7,729,178 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
23 7,729,158 Resistance change memory device
24 7,729,157 Semiconductor storage device
25 7,729,080 Head control apparatus, head control method, and magnetic disk apparatus
26 7,729,078 Information storage device
27 7,729,071 Readback apparatus and readback method
28 7,728,967 Laser-based maintenance apparatus
29 7,728,908 Pull-down signal detecting apparatus, pull-down signal detecting method, and interlace-progressive converter
30 7,728,876 Imaging apparatus having camera control unit and separate camera head
31 7,728,851 Reproducing apparatus capable of reproducing picture data
32 7,728,780 Antenna device and information terminal device
33 7,728,751 Pipelined converter
34 7,728,640 DLL circuit
35 7,728,557 Electric discharge controller, electric discharge control method and its program
36 7,728,536 Servomotor current control method and servomotor
37 7,728,435 Semiconductor device with double barrier film
38 7,728,398 Micro camera module and method of manufacturing the same
39 7,728,394 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,728,389 Semiconductor device and fabrication method for the semiconductor device
41 7,728,379 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
42 7,728,368 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,728,354 Semiconductor device
44 7,728,324 Field effect transistor, integrated circuit element, and method for manufacturing the same
45 7,728,301 X-ray detector
46 7,728,119 Nucleotide primer set and nucleotide probe for detecting genotype of methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)
47 7,727,930 Catalyst, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
48 7,727,899 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor storage device including fine contact holes
49 7,727,891 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a wet process
50 7,727,871 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device using etching solution
51 7,727,853 Processing method, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, and processing apparatus
52 7,727,834 Contact configuration and method in dual-stress liner semiconductor device
53 7,727,832 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
54 7,727,778 Magnetoresistive element and method of manufacturing the same
55 7,727,767 Method for quantitative analysis of metal element contained in resin material
56 7,727,676 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
57 7,726,816 Stereoscopic display device and method