Toshiba patents granted on 01 May 2012

73 US patents granted on 01 May 2012 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D658,766 Portion of an ultrasonic diagnosis device
2 D658,666 Recording medium
3 D658,606 Portion of a light-emitting diode
4 D658,605 Light emitting diode module
5 D658,604 Light emitting diode module
6 D658,603 Light emitting diode module
7 D658,602 Light emitting diode module
8 D658,601 Light emitting diode module
9 D658,600 Light emitting diode module
10 D658,599 Light emitting diode module
11 8,171,477 Method and system for performing real-time operation
12 8,171,445 Replacing single-cut via into multi-cut via in semiconductor integrated circuit design
13 8,171,434 Method for dimension conversion difference prediction, method for manufacturing photomask, method for manufacturing electronic component, and program for dimension conversion difference prediction
14 8,171,433 Method of calculating pattern-failure-occurrence-region, computer program product, pattern-layout evaluating method, and semiconductor-device manufacturing method
15 8,171,365 Communication apparatus and method thereof
16 8,171,281 Microprocessor boot-up controller connected to a processor and NAND flash memory for controlling the boot-up of a computer device
17 8,171,254 Memory controller and memory control method
18 8,171,208 Memory system
19 8,170,876 Speech processing apparatus and program
20 8,170,707 Failure detecting method, failure detecting apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
21 8,170,635 Radio apparatus and antenna device for mobile radio system
22 8,170,612 Communication apparatus
23 8,170,520 Semiconductor integrated circuit device provided with FM receiving function
24 8,170,500 Radio-frequency switch circuit
25 8,170,376 Super-resolution device and method
26 8,170,363 Image processing apparatus for performing deblocking filtering process
27 8,170,337 Video processing apparatus and video processing method
28 8,170,309 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
29 8,170,176 X-ray CT system, a recording medium that stores control program for the same and a method of determining an image result in case of capturing CT images
30 8,170,175 X-ray CT apparatus and a method for detecting magnetic pole position thereof
31 8,170,171 Communication semiconductor integrated circuit
32 8,169,879 Optical recording system to record information with light
33 8,169,874 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
34 8,169,873 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
35 8,169,872 Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method
36 8,169,829 Memory controller, memory system, recording and reproducing method for memory system, and recording apparatus
37 8,169,826 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
38 8,169,824 Semiconductor device including contact plug having an elliptical sectional shape
39 8,169,817 Magnetoresistive device and magnetic random access memory
40 8,169,785 Electronic device and component
41 8,169,770 Semiconductor integrated circuit including circuit for driving electrostatic actuator, micro-electro-mechanical systems, and driving method of electrostatic actuator
42 8,169,752 Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element having spacer layer
43 8,169,741 Perpendicular magnetic recording head with side shield and magnetic disk apparatus
44 8,169,734 Method and apparatus for controlling head flying height in a disk drive
45 8,169,733 Magnetic disk device
46 8,169,634 Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
47 8,169,570 Liquid crystal display device
48 8,169,496 Image processing system and image acquisition method
49 8,169,451 Content transmission apparatus and content display system
50 8,169,363 Antenna device and radar apparatus
51 8,169,253 Power circuit including step-up circuit and stabilizing method thereof
52 8,169,250 Signal level conversion circuit
53 8,169,133 Image display apparatus, manufacturing method of image display apparatus, and functional film
54 8,169,085 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
55 8,169,049 Semiconductor device with fuse portion
56 8,169,040 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
57 8,169,035 Semiconductor device
58 8,169,034 Semiconductor device
59 8,169,023 Power semiconductor device
60 8,169,021 Trench gate semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,169,016 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,169,009 Semiconductor device
63 8,168,528 Restoration method using metal for better CD controllability and Cu filing
64 8,168,522 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
65 8,168,520 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
66 8,168,499 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
67 8,167,807 Ultrasonic diagnosis device, ultrasonic image analysis device, and ultrasonic image analysis method
68 8,167,800 Apparatus and method for processing pulse waves
69 8,167,456 Illumination device with semiconductor light-emitting elements
70 8,167,436 Display shelf with placing tables and transmission-type screens having projecting parts and laterally-facing displays
71 8,167,308 Image forming apparatus and method for selecting discharge destination for sheet of image forming apparatus
72 8,167,297 Sheet separating device and method for separating stacked sheets
73 8,167,294 Tray, sheet post-processing apparatus, and sheet-alignment method