Toshiba patents granted on 01 November 2016

34 US patents granted on 01 November 2016 and assigned to Toshiba

1 RE46,191 Imprint pattern forming method
2 9,485,509 Image compression device, image compression method, image decompression device, and image decompression method
3 9,485,453 Moving image player device
4 9,484,870 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
5 9,484,810 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
6 9,484,744 Scheduling apparatus, scheduling method and computer-readable storage medium
7 9,484,443 Semiconductor device
8 9,484,429 High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) capable of absorbing a stored hole more efficiently and method for manufacturing the same
9 9,484,421 Semiconductor device
10 9,484,415 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
11 9,484,382 Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
12 9,484,298 Non-volatile memory device
13 9,484,206 Semiconductor device including catalyst layer and graphene layer thereon and method for manufacturing the same
14 9,484,105 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
15 9,484,091 Resistance change memory
16 9,484,034 Voice conversation support apparatus, voice conversation support method, and computer readable medium
17 9,484,017 Speech translation apparatus, speech translation method, and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
18 9,484,012 Speech synthesis dictionary generation apparatus, speech synthesis dictionary generation method and computer program product
19 9,483,850 Cylinder source software-positioning method for PET calibration and image quality assurance
20 9,483,824 Image analysis device and control method of an image analysis device
21 9,483,670 RFID tag writing system and method for writing RFID tag data
22 9,483,442 Matrix operation apparatus
23 9,483,411 Memory system which transfers management information between first and second memories in a burst mode before a read process is performed on a third memory
24 9,483,216 Image forming system and image forming method for selecting between two separate image forming apparatuses
25 9,483,192 Memory system and control method thereof
26 9,483,177 Diagnostic imaging apparatus, diagnostic ultrasonic apparatus, and medical image displaying apparatus
27 9,482,630 Multiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner
28 9,482,475 Heat exchanger
29 9,481,193 Apparatus and method for forming an image on a medium using a plurality of erasable materials
30 9,480,460 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic wave transmission/reception control method
31 9,480,451 X-ray image processing apparatus, X-ray diagnostic apparatus, and X-ray image processing method
32 9,480,446 X-ray detection submodule, X-ray detection module, and X-ray CT apparatus
33 9,480,438 X-ray imaging apparatus, medical image processing apparatus, X-ray imaging method and medical image processing method
34 9,480,437 Movement compensation for superimposed fluoroscopy and radiography image