Toshiba patents granted on 01 September 2009

41 US patents granted on 01 September 2009 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D599,343 Mobile information terminal
2 7,584,482 System and method for authenticating transactions
3 7,584,445 Sequence-pair creating apparatus and sequence-pair creating method
4 7,584,393 Scan test circuit and method of arranging the same
5 7,584,089 Method of encoding and decoding for multi-language applications
6 7,584,011 Method for optimizing an industrial product, system for optimizing an industrial product and method for manufacturing an industrial product
7 7,583,948 Time constant automatic adjusting circuit, filter circuit system, and method of automatically adjusting time constant
8 7,583,924 Fixing device for image forming apparatus
9 7,583,917 Toner container
10 7,583,909 Image forming apparatus and image forming method using decolorizing toner
11 7,583,908 Image forming apparatus using an electrophotographic process and image forming method
12 7,583,905 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
13 7,583,854 Data processing system and method for 2-dimensional data with setting a block shape
14 7,583,846 Texture image compressing device and method, texture image decompressing device and method, data structures and storage medium
15 7,583,820 Medical-use image data analyzing apparatus and method of analysis using the same
16 7,583,813 Embedding data reproduce apparatus
17 7,583,782 X-ray CT apparatus and an image controlling method thereof
18 7,583,781 X-Ray CT apparatus and method of controlling the same
19 7,583,778 X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray CT backprojection operating method
20 7,583,775 Concentrated irradiation type radiotherapy apparatus
21 7,583,746 Wireless transmitting and receiving device and method
22 7,583,685 Gateway device, network system, communication program, and communication method
23 7,583,676 ATM communication system and ATM communication method
24 7,583,652 Wireless communication apparatus
25 7,583,538 Semiconductor memory and read method of the same
26 7,583,533 Semiconductor device with high-breakdown-voltage transistors
27 7,583,482 Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive device having a free layer stabilized by an in-stack bias
28 7,583,395 Image forming apparatus and image forming method with synchronous and asynchronous control for continuous operation
29 7,583,349 Display device
30 7,583,319 Data relay device, data relay method and data transmission system
31 7,583,207 Logic circuit
32 7,583,149 Power supply apparatus, amplifier apparatus, radio apparatus and reproducing apparatus
33 7,583,114 Supply voltage sensing circuit
34 7,583,019 Semiconductor light-emitting device with wavelength change material
35 7,582,940 Semiconductor device using MEMS technology
36 7,582,928 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
37 7,582,927 Flash EEPROM cell and method of fabricating the same
38 7,582,572 Method of manufacturing insulating film, method of manufacturing transistor, and method of manufacturing electronic device
39 7,582,523 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including insulated-gate field-effect transistors
40 7,582,386 Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, battery pack and vehicle
41 7,582,376 Proton conductive polymer and fuel cell using the same